A new tool to turn not-converting remnant traffic into a profit

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Posted: December 12, 2018

Oftentimes, you may wonder if it’s better to work with a typical offer URL or reply on a smartlink. Each affiliate has his preferences, there are some instances where smartlink is over another: when you’ve got bulk traffic segment and tailor many campaigns, but couldn’t get it converted; when you’re entering a new territory or vertical you never worked with, but are trying to work out a way to test its niche market; when you want to make more money via referral bonus, etc.

That’s when a Smarlink comes in.

Youmi’s smartlink is a performance-based monetization tool. It’s getting better as data is growing and a Machine Learning algorithm is constantly improving. If you have pop & redirects, in-app traffic, non-targeted or any remnant traffic, but have difficulties getting it monetized, our proprietary global smartlink can help you by doing the following on your behalf:

  • Split tests of your traffic sources
  • In-depth analysis of visitor metrics (geos, devices, carriers)
  • Determine the best performing landing pages and offers
  • Keep top-converting offers in revenue stream

How can it do that great work? The backbone is its unrivalled algorithms. Let’s take a glimpse into how it works:

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