82% of shoppers use social media to make a purchase

Anne Freer | January 20, 2022

App Business

Social commerce is booming with over 82% of responders having previously discovered a product on social media and made a purchase using their mobile phone. 

A new social commerce report The Influencer Marketing Factory found that a growing number of people prefer online shopping (40%) compared to only shopping in-store (13%). Almost half (47%) use both modes of shopping. 

However, the percentage of online-only shoppers is significantly higher among younger customers. 

Some 57% of the 1,000 customers surveyed said they previously bought something while watching a livestream on a social media app with 72% rating the experience highly. 

A whopping 29% purchase items on social media at least once a week while 24% purchase more than once a week. 

Fashion, beauty and home products are the preferred categories for shopping on social which is little surprise when taking a look at the dominant advertisers and accounts on Instagram and co. 

While branded accounts were the dominant drivers that motivated shoppers to make a purchase, influencers ranked second and ahead of family and friends. 

During the holiday season, 76% bought something on social media. 

It’s clear that social commerce continues to grow despite pandemic lockdowns coming to an end. Accenture predicts that social commerce could triple by 2025. 

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