7 Ways to Buy Facebook App Install Ads

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The use of social media giants such as Facebook for mobile advertising purposes is becoming increasingly common. As more and more app developers struggle to get noticed in the overcrowded app stores and their top ten charts, app install ads have become the beacon of light in the darkness. App install ads on Facebook are attractive to app developers and app marketers, because of the huge userbase that Facebook offers. This provides the ability to reach almost any customer segment in any geography and with significant volume. App install ads appear in the Facebook News Feed where users are the most engaged. In addition to this, the audience data available from Facebook allows app developers to target more precisely and therefore attract higher quality users.
The Facebook  platform allows mobile app developers and app marketers to choose from a selection of PMDs (Preferred Marketing Developers) who offer the ability to buy app install ads that will appear on Facebook using a third party tool. Using alternatives to the Facebook power editor and ads manager systems has a number of advantages. App installs ads need careful tracking and most PMDs are offering data reporting as part of their services and analytics capabilities which can help to identify high LTV (lifetime value) users.
Where a PMD can really be helpful is in managing increasingly complexity. For app or game publishers or agencies running multiple campaigns keeping organised is vital in order to maintain ROI. At the same time, as buying instals on Facebook has become more competitive it’s become vital to optimize and refine campaigns with growing levels of sophistication, not just in terms of targeting and campaign management and operations but also in terms of creatives. With successful Facebook app install campaigns increasingly using 100s or 1000s of creative executions and using multiple targeting parameters and micro-segmentations of the Facebook user base it becomes obvious why third party tools and platforms are required to succeed.
We thought it would be useful to assemble a list of seven of the top PMDs with mobile capabilities out there on the Facebook platform and put them all into one place. From AdParlor to Marin, our list should help out app advertisers, app developers and anyone else interested in buying app install ads on Facebook.
The full list:

AdParlor is one of the largest Ads API partners on the Facebook PMD platform. They manage over 1 billion daily impressions with a focus on delivering performance via their full-service and self-service solutions. AdParlor also features a proprietary bid optimisation algorithm that tracks app developers’ goals and optimises bids in real-time. Their clients include some leading digital agencies and global brands, along with game developers.
Preferred Marketing Developer Features:
Pricing: Flat rate SaaS or service based pricing
Features: Free trial, self-service, real-time bid optimisation, range of service levels


Bidalgo is a company that focuses on delivering high ROI results for their clients. As a Facebook PMD, they provide mobile marketing in the form of user acquisition, re-monetisation and the use of data tools. The company also uses real-time bidding optimisation and A/B testing to ensure high life-time value users are acquired throughout their Facebook marketing efforts. Previous clients include game developers Mytopia and Plarium Games.
Preferred Marketing Developer Features:
Pricing: Management/licensing fee
Features: Real-time bidding, A/B testing


Ampush aims to get its advertisers the best results on Facebook, (and Twitter too). Based in San Francisco, and with offices in Chicago and New York, the company offers fully-managed advertising solutions for app developers and app marketers. Ampush also features its own ‘AMP’ ad buying platform where Facebook app install ads can be purchased and optimised to a client’s liking.
Preferred Marketing Developer Features:
Pricing: CPA
Features: Custom reporting, 24/7 optimisation, in-feed advertising


Kenshoo offers app developers and app marketers native API solutions for their social marketing campaigns. In addition to this, Kenshoo enables app developers to measure and optimise their lifetime value through their proprietary Mobile Measurement SDK. The company powers campaigns in more than 190 countries and their clients include Accor, Camelot Communications, Expedia, Resolution Media and Ticketmaster.
Preferred Marketing Developer Features:
Pricing: Percentage of social ad spend
Features: Device type and OS targeting, reporting, hyper-local ad targeting


Nanigans has been in the advertising game for five years and have built their advertising automation platform to help marketers reach their campaign goals. For mobile app developers and marketers, the company features predictive optimisation along with real-time and lifetime data reporting tools that track impressions, installs, in-app purchases and lifetime ROI. Their clients include Ebay, Wooga and Wayfair.
Preferred Marketing Developer Features:
Pricing: Contact Nanigans
Features: Predictive optimisation, real-time reporting, post-install automation


SocialCode specialises in predictive analytics that enable app marketers and app developers to constantly adapt their mobile ad campaign strategy to maximise their ROI. SocialCode is also a ‘Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer’ (sPMD) which is a distinction that few have the privilege of receiving. Based in New York, the company’s clients include 30 Fortune 100 companies, and more than 150 of the Fortune 500.
Preferred Marketing Developer Features:
Pricing: Available upon request
Features: AdVisor, data reporting, MessageOptics

Marin Software
Marin Logo
Marin Software is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices worldwide. Marin Software’s technology powers marketing campaigns on a global basis, and they manage more than $5.0 billion of annualised ad spend in more than 160 countries. Features for app developers include location-specific promotions, the ability to optimize different mobile ad types and track results by location or channel, and they can also separate their ad campaigns and target by device.
Preferred Marketing Developer Features:
Pricing: ‘Professional’ and ‘Enterprise’ editions, prices vary
Features: Free trial available, automated reporting and alerts, data visualisation
Final Thoughts
There you have it, seven ways to buy Facebook app install ads. There’s quite a lot of choice out there for app marketers and app developers interested in the Facebook PMD platform. We recommended trying out a combination of PMDs to see what works and what doesn’t. Don’t forget that our guide to Facebook app install ads can also be found here.

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