Life for every mobile app development company will definitely consist of acquiring new knowledge and gaining a lot of skills. It’s a line of work that expects a lot from you and needs you to stay abreast of every trend and every new technology. Many years ago, with the invention of computers which were a lot bigger than they are now, a lot of people lost their jobs because what they could do in days, the computer did in seconds. 

The thing about mobile app developing is that you need to learn to stay relevant and this means learning new things and acquiring knowledge on an ongoing basis. You could learn to create apps in the programming language exclusive for iOS but this does not mean you don’t have to learn the programming language needed for an Android app. 

With the New Year fast approaching and the plethora of new technologies that will be making waves, every web and mobile development company will need to hire dedicated developers who can understand the current times and the skills needed. In this article we’ll discuss the skills every mobile app development company or top app developers in the USA should look towards acquiring in the following year.

Multiple Programming Languages

Multiple programming languages is something that most top app developers in ghe USA and every mobile app development company should take into consideration. We’re gradually moving to a time when there will be a need to diversify and this is where the need to learn multiple programming languages comes in. If you’re looking to hire dedicated developers, you should know if they are fluent in Java, Kotlin for Android, and objective-C and Swift for iOS apps. These are skills that will be needed in the coming year. The ability to use all of these programming languages will set you apart as an app developer. 


Apart from learning programming languages for both Android and iOS apps, developing your skills in both platforms will definitely get you spotted. As a developer, your ability to diversify across different platforms and provide the same level of expertise is what every web and mobile development company is looking for and it will eventually be a skill every developer needs to possess. It definitely saves a lot of time and also helps you make much more money than you would have originally done. Every mobile app development company seeks to hire dedicated developers who are ready to bridge the gap between Android and iOS apps. 

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Commercial Value

The reason why we have different web and mobile development companies is that there’s the need to have apps on the Apple Store and on the Play Store for any smart phone – it’s like the law of cause and effect. One of the reasons a mobile app development company will prosper is if the app developer knows a bit about the business aspect of app creation as well. Creating an app is one thing but you also have to be able to sell it and this is where marketing skills come in. An app developer should understand how to use the basic mechanisms like social media to create awareness and eventually sell the app. This just means that in addition to being a mobile app development company or developer, developers need to be pivoting the commercial affairs of their app.

Information Security

For every app created by top app developers in the USA, there are other people who thrive and make a living from stealing other people’s work. A lot of apps have the option of filling in personal data and information and all of this should be guarded properly. In the new year there will be the need for knowledge and understanding in the area of data security.

Every web and mobile development company with the right developers will need to be experienced in data security. They will need to include a fail safe and procedures to follow to make an app water tight. Everyone’s information on an app should be kept safe and given due diligence. At every point in time during the course of creating apps, they should be smart enough to carry out every precaution just so everyone’s information is safe. Every developer needs this level of knowledge. 

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As a developer for a mobile app development company, you definitely need to be very creative. There’s this adage that says that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Even though inventions come about because of how much they were needed, the way it turns out is entirely dependent on the developer. In the new year every major web and mobile development company will need to hire dedicated developers who are creative and ready to think outside the box.


In the new year there will be the need for skills that are a necessity. An analytical mind is one which is smart, takes in a lot, and understands quite quickly. An analytical mind is takes in a lot of information and understands the needs before offering solutions. This is a skill that every developer needs to master. 


When in the midst of building an app, whether Android or iOS, there’s need for apt communication. It has been said that communication is a two way street and this can only be done efficiently when the first person understands the need to pass along the right message. All of these are needed, especially when creating an app. When creating apps, apart from meeting needs, you should communicate freely. A good application is known by its ability to reach out to people, communicate with them and also get results. The coming year will create a need for developers to understand better communications with their apps.

Wrapping It Up

All the aforementioned skills are those that will eventually be required of an app developer in the coming year. It’s no longer about staying behind the lines, but it’s now about getting out there and getting your app out into the world as well, from inception right up until it’s launched. It’s also an opportunity for developers to learn a thing or two.

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