Today, the app stores are jam-packed with abundant mobile applications craving to make a mark. Even though this is a great advantage for today’s users, still the huge volume leads to the immense competition which makes it challenging for businesses who are keen on creating mobile applications to drive their business. 

As surprising it may sound, but the reality is that around 80-90 percent of mobile apps launched in the app stores are abandoned just after a single use. So much so, that research says that an average mobile app tends to lose somewhere around 77% of Daily Active Users (DAUs) just within three days of its installation. This is the reason that often businesses are left wondering that what does it really take to make an app a success. Is there a secret ingredient or a formula for a successful app?

Well, the truth rather lies in discovering the mistakes that actually cause an app to be a failure among the users, it could be in the process of mobile app development, its design, testing, or marketing.

Gartner study reveals that the mobile apps’ commercial success for the year 2018 was 00.01 percent, which is just one successful app out of 10,000 apps. Now noting the fact how prevalent is mobile app development in today’s time, this figure is certainly a cause of worry for the app development industry. 

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So, as the idea to create a mobile app for your business strikes to your mind, don’t just hurry up and begin with the process. Instead, it is advised to first research and study why other apps failed in the market and what mistakes they made. This way, you are certain to not make these mistakes in your process of mobile app development. After all, the process of app development is quite expensive and it would be best to not let the enormous amount of time, efforts, and money invested by you get wasted just like that owing to some silly mistakes.  

In this article, we have discussed several factors that could lead to the failure of a mobile application and hinder the path to success. So read them carefully and ensure you do not make these common mistakes during the app development process. Let’s begin:

When the app fails to solve a real problem: Innovation is very important in today’s market. If you have an innovative idea that is different from all the other ideas brought to the market then you are primed to be successful. Most of the apps in today’s world tend to create app with features already existing in the market. This will bring your downfall sooner rather than later. You need to bring a fresh idea that will entice the users and solve their existing problems. You have to leave the idea of earning money at home and think something out of the box to earn users’ trust. The marketers become really important in this scheme of things as their surveys will provide you the necessary points to work upon so that you can solve the problems that users are actually suffering from.

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Mobile App Complexity: In order to create a fancy and gorgeous-looking app, developers often create a product that becomes too complex to use. “Less is more” adage works wonders in the field of app development. Features that are in accordance with the audience you looking to target than it will serve justice to your efforts. Users should be able to find whatever content they are looking for in quick time and that will be an initial victory for you, as people in today’s world don’t have time to learn unnecessary stuff. They will lean towards the app that provides comfort. It is advised to know to the audience and add necessary features according to them.

When the app fails to find about and understand its target audience: Audience is the real aspect that will decide whether your app will be a success story or will be doomed. While developing an idea related to a particular group of audience, you will also have to take people into consideration which will act as an interface. You have to think as a whole to create an app that is going to be one of a kind. You have to make reaching the audience as your prime motive in order to be successful.

Audience should be able to connect with your app and should have features that are easy to use for any age group.

Not many features or too less features: Getting the balance is very important in all the fields and app creation is no different. Adding the right amount of features in your app is paramount. You should have high number of features that will give the audience a headache and also should have low number of features that all leave the audience asking for more. Your app should have features that are of value and any feature that is a liability should be get rid off. The number of features would be brought in picture after determining the usability of your app and also studying the devices via which it will be run.

If you fail to decide on the mobile app platform: Choosing a suitable platform for your phone is as important as any other aspect. Most of the time people are sure about the platform they want for their app but exceptions are always there. You need to have a complete knowledge about all the platforms and then decide which platform is best suited for your app. If you want to reach a wider audience, it is suggested to launch your app on the major platform, be it, iPhone development, Android development or Windows development. It will help your app to achieve a wider user base which proves to be crucial in today’s market.

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Neglecting Backend Support: If you are looking for your app to be stable, you will require a strong backend support. The apps that are for ecommerce market or even for gaming purpose then strong backend support is a must. The app must be able to handle the traffic inflow otherwise your business value will affect for a very long period. With the entry of cloud technology, you can easily embrace faster & better storage and support. Scalability is another aspect that should be taken into account when we are talking about robust backend. A scalable backend service will adjust the app according to the traffic influx.

Poor user experience: When you create an app the main focus has to be getting the feedback of the users about the problems they are facing in relation to the app. The app without any user experience platform all leave a sour taste to the user. The main focus should be that of learning about the problems and rectifying them. Users and the app developers should always be in touch to ensure a smooth sailing for both the parties. Whether we are talking about iOS or Android platform, user experience holds the key.

Not focusing on Marketing: This is a point that makes all the difference between a hit and a miss. Marketers should always look to publicize their app as a little hype can create a world of difference. You need to make a proper use of your social media accounts to promote your app and can even ask your friends to share their ideas and responses about what changes they would like to see in the application. Create a buzz about your app so that you get a readymade market for your app and don’t have to make extra efforts later on. But also make sure that you live up to the expectations.

Ignoring User feedback: Your app was brought into the market for your users and if you fail to get their views about the app then it will be a big blunder. Customers should not be looked only as a medium of selling your idea but should also be considered important enough to listen to their problems. Your prime focus should be solving the issues they are facing related to the app. If you take an instant step regarding their problems, they will feel important and that will sky rocket your product’s sale. Company’s reputation will be raised by leaps & bounds and help in creating a wider user base.


There is a number of factors that are responsible for the performance of a mobile app, ranging from research, execution, competition, marketing budget, and many more. Be careful at executing each step to ensure that your app successfully makes a mark among the user audience. Keep proper attention to audience research and make best marketing efforts, and quality assurance testing to keep your app from being a failure in the app market.

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