Technology as we know it is ever evolving and gradually we’re getting close to a time where the world would be fully automated. Of course with this there are a lot of new technologies that are currently making waves and others that are staging a bigger and better comeback. The Internet of Things is one of these technologies. It just leans to the fact that everything you own can operate on its own without you so much as lifting a finger. We have seen some aspects of this technology already with driverless cars but next year promises to be even bigger.

There have been reports stating there are currently about 4.8 billion devices connected. 2020 promises to bring this number to a whooping 20 billion and this means there’s a whole lot to expect from IoT application development and the top app developers in the USA. IoT application development has a lot of trends blazing the trail in the new year. Gradually a lot of IoT developers and every mobile app development company have come to see the future of IoT application development and are more optimistic about what it holds. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the IoT trends we expect in the new year.

Voice Assistants

Every mobile app development company probably already knows a thing or two about these voice assistants who a lot of people have fallen in love with. Whether Siri or the Google assistant, these applications assist a whole lot of people and it even gets better. In the new year, in a bid to further IoT application development, these voice assistants will be multilingual. There are over a million languages in the world and a lot of them are spoken more frequently than the English language. This is what why it’s necessary to include a lot of these languages.

Smart Homes and Cities

We are gradually moving to a time where even your home and cities will be online and you really wouldn’t have to bother about a lot of things. You could have your house locked up or reboot or send messages to your home when you’re away, and even choosing the temperature of your home before you get back. IoT developers are intent on giving us so much more than we can handle and we also get to understand there are a lot of aspects of IoT application development. No one is properly ready for the invention of smart cities where everything would be online. You may think it will be chaotic but with the right management and optimization, all of this is achievable. Though this is still in the pipeline, we’re looking at a time where this will become a reality.

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Auto Driving Cars or Flying Cars

We already know about cars that drive themselves and it’s already something we see not just in movies but in reality. The effect however of this on a big scale all over the globe cannot be quantified. With the invention of Tesla’s autopilot, everything is possible.

Another phenomenon to look forward to is flying cars. We are gradually moving to a time where we would make our way to work or social eventsby air. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in the rush hour traffic after you leave work just to arrive to your anniversary dinner late. This is what a lot of the top app developers in the USA and IoT developers across the globe have in store for us in the new year. This is something that has not been imagined on this scale before and it’s good to see there is indeed nothing the mind cannot achieve.


For every lady who knows how much time is spent in front of the mirror, especially when it has to do with makeup, this is for you. The invention of smart mirrors is a huge breakthrough in science. No, it isn’t going to tell you how much makeup you should use rather it will keep you updated with news and live updates. It’s quite something to look forward to. This technology is also something you could customize. This means it’s not only for the mobile app development companies or the IoT developers but you can also make your own smart mirror if you have the coding skills.


These are becoming a thing and IoT developers are here to make them better. Wearables like fitness trackers are not only making strides in the technology industry but are also making giant improvements in the Healthcare sector. There has been a tremendous impact since people can now monitor their heart rates when they exercise and do it fashionably too. In the new year, IoT application development will take Wearables to a whole new level. You would get to connect your smartphones and computers to your wrist band. Envision a time where smart phones won’t be a necessity because people will gradually gravitate towards a simpler life that includes wearing automated wrist bands or watches. You could have your home connected to your wrist band or your car, too. The possibilities are indeed endless.

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Smarter Industries

If you’re a manufacturer, you would better understand the need to integrate IoT application development into your warehouse or industry. IoT software is a lot more secure than manual intervention. You would be doing yourself and others a world of good to put your entire manufacturing space or warehouse online. One of the benefits is that this software will adhere more to the norms required for the safety of every person in the facility. It will also help you optimize the whole process of logistics. The sensors are relatively affordable and by next year there will be great improvements in the software thanks to IoT developers.

To Wrap It Up

The Internet of things is here to stay and embracing it means embracing the future. The technology is growing at an unbelievable pace and we’re looking forward to more amazing things to come.

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