Every web and mobile development company is thrilled about the coming year because they get to show all of their clients what they’ve been working on tirelessly and that bring value to them. The thing about developing app or mobile devices is that like law, it’s ever evolving and changing to accommodate new challenges and meet needs more swiftly. 

Everyone who uses a mobile phone will definitely search for apps that make life easy for them and every Android app development company will strive to make apps that can improve their customer base and make life easy for customers. It’s more like the law of cause and effect. Where there is a demand, supply thrives and this can only get better and bigger in app developing. As expected, this would create the need to hire Android developers. That being said, we’ll take a look at all the trends you should watch out for in the coming year in this article.

Artificial Intelligence

Everyone has seen the use of AI in different spheres of life and it was only a matter of time before it penetrated Android app development. There is a lot to watch out for with artificial intelligence. In the next year, we’ll see AI’s integration with the Internet of Things and this will change the look of things generally. You’ll be able to get things done without the need to tap your phone and without supervision and with the use of artificial intelligence, tasks can be accomplished and life will be smoother. With artificial intelligence, you can have an adaptive battery in your smart phones and this would mean a longer battery time. You would not have to worry about communicating with people using a different language because there will be on-the-spot language translations.

Internet of Things

Have you ever considered that there will come a time when cars will drive themselves? As appealing as it sounds, this is a given in our near future. We could have smart homes and things that do whatever you want when they’re told to. Your home could wake you up in the morning, or your car could alert you and go ahead to place an order for new parts when the air conditioner compressor is going bad. 

This is one of the things to watch out for in 2020. The IoT will be integrated into Healthcare and this may just be the answer to a lot of problems. It will be integrated into automobiles and homes and you could just go to bed knowing your home is online. A lot of the top app developers in the USA are joining in this trend and opening their doors to the integration of artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things. You should know this is something that may just render a lot of jobs obsolete as there will be much more efficiency with IoT.

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5G Service

Now, this is just going to blow people away. Have you ever had an internet connection that was like the speed of light? This is going to change that. In the New Year, we’re looking forward to a time when the 5G network takes over. This will mean that the Android app development companies will need to take this into consideration when creating apps. This service is going to come with 3D gaming and augmented reality. You will also experience a new level of data security and these are things the average app user wants to see. You could say that the coming year is going to be a whole lot of fun.

Instant Apps

In the coming year, there will be the invention of instant apps and this will cut down on the amount of unwanted applications on your smart phone. An instant app is like a demo version of an app that basically features all the details of the original app but is smaller in size. They’re designed to help you decide whether you do in fact need the full version of the application. 

These demo apps actually have a wider chance of reaching out to a lot of people who wouldn’t want to usurp so much space on their devices without knowing what the app is about and if it’s actually worth it. They also serve as a source of publicity for these web and mobile development companies as it gives them a lot of exposure and reach. Every Android app development company would seek to create these demo apps and this will make more waves in the coming year.

Beacon Technology

You probably already know how a beacon works. If you put a beacon in your house, it literally screams “here I am.” This technology is a very smooth marketing strategy and it definitely provides high returns. It basically tells you where to get whatever you want or something you’ve been surfing the internet for. Usually the target company will have a beacon service that pops up and directs you to them. In the coming year, a lot of beacon services will spring up and you will find beacons in tourism and travel, in mobile payments and also in Healthcare. The year 2020 has a lot in store.

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We’ve seen a lot of smart watches and tracking devices that are wearable. In the coming year, this market is going to explode. There will be an invention of wearable devices that are actually integrated with Android apps. This is a new challenge for the top app developers in the USA to look at integrating their apps with wearable devices. The year 2020 will see a lower level of reliance on smart phones and an increased number of people with wearable devices and this is what every web and mobile development company should watch out for.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re a technology guru or a total freak for new apps and technology, then next year promises to be all shades of amazing. 

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