The Android App Development Market in 2019

The last time we checked (in the month of December 2018), we found that approximately 2.6 million applications exist on Google Play Store alone. This is not surprising, considering the fact that an average user makes use of about 40 different mobile applications monthly. However, what might come as a surprise is the fact that the amount spent on purchases on the Play Store amounts to $20.1 billion. 

Why Top App Developers in the USA Thrive

This is certainly something to think about, isn’t it? There’s obviously a lot of room for any Android app development company to thrive, especially in 2019. However, you might have concluded that only top app developers in the USA are able to capture this market well. 

So then, the question is, “How can I rank as one of the top app developers in the USA?” As a company, your plan is to hire dedicated developers who have the skill and knowledge base to generate a portion of the total revenue mentioned. 

Whether you’re a one-man business or a behemoth organization, the magic behind it is simple and we are going to give you all the information you need to make it as an Android app development company.

Follow these strategies judiciously and you are bound to excel in 2019.

Keep an Eye on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google announced this project over a year ago now and this announcement let developers know that a new search index will be needed for mobile web apps. This announcement didn’t just change how Android app development was executed, it changed the scope of SEO completely.

So, based on the template provided by Google, you’re expected to develop Android web apps that load faster on mobile devices. Remember that this is also one way to drastically reduce bounce rate so it’s a win-win. This initiative is also one that will improve the visibility of ads and increase the number of visitors. Do you want to be considered as one of the top app developers in the USA? Pay close attention.

Improve Familiarity with Android Framework Internals

It’s important to get familiar with the actual framework code if you want to be regarded as one of the top app developers the USA has to offer. This transcends going over the documentation; you’re actually diving into the deep end of the Android framework.

Not only is this a requirement, but it will also lead you down a path of discoveries. This is when you begin to see how everything works and you will definitely grow as a developer. If you’re looking to hire developers, it’s not a requirement that they are familiar with the internals of the Android framework. However, if you see a developer who is familiar with this, they are a keeper.

Try to Learn More Languages

In the real world, people sometimes measure intelligence in terms of the number of languages you know. This is why 5 year olds who know English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French are seen as geniuses. 

In the world of programming, we also recommend building proficiency in a number of relevant languages, and this is not done just for the sake of formality, rather, knowing more languages ensures that you’re well-equipped to handle almost any challenge that you run into. Ask any manager of an Android app development company and you might discover that this is even a hiring policy.

Kotlin Language is a Language for the Future

Is it ironic that the previous paragraph talked about learning a new language, and voila! a new language appears. Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you are abreast of new, exciting technologies in the field of Android app development. 

There are numerous sources on this blog that points to the benefits of Kotlin, but just as a refresher, it was developed by the same team that created an IDE, meaning there are no Java-like issues with this language. This language even makes switching easy; to move over to Kotlin from Java, all you need is a Kotlin plugin that converts the Java file to Kotlin automatically. 

Your Android App Development Company Should Focus More on Improving Security

Gartner is a prominent force to be reckoned with when it comes to research and analytics, hence, you ought to take them seriously when they say that 75% of mobile applications would fail basic security tests. 

If you doubt Gartner, how about HP? A recently released study by the paragon company states that 70.6% of apps have security concerns such as accessing external storage and 94.7% are plagued with insecure logging methods. 

One thing of note is that hackers will not stop advancing their knowledge and their skills and neither should you. This is one strategy that you should prioritize in 2019: delivering secure products to your clients. As a prospective client, it’s imperative that before you hire dedicated developers, ask about the security details. Here’s a useful tip: some JavaScript frameworks are available to help you develop a secure mobile app.

Listen to Your Users

It’s 2019 and the rules are still unchanged, the customer is still KING. You can leverage past events and records when predicting the future demand of consumers, but this shouldn’t prevent you from actually studying present trends. For instance, in the past people assumed that Android users almost never pay for apps and services compared to iPhone users. But the statistic given in the first paragraph says otherwise.

It’s very important to listen to the cries and praises of your users as this is how you earn their trust and loyalty. While it’s not a surefire way of increasing your demographic, it doesn’t hurt either. It’s not a mere saying that users appreciate being heard; show them you care.


Achieving success as a top app developer in the USA is no small feat. Also, hiring dedicated developers from an Android app development company committed to you is often seen as elusive. But it isn’t. You should not have to settle for less; contact us today for your Android development needs and you will be glad you did.

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