Mobile devices have slowly taken over and it’s made it easier for everyone to access information, regardless of location. Before the inception of mobile devices, it made more sense for enterprises to consider the desktop approach. However, now the reverse is the case. With over 63% of Google searches being attributed to mobile searches, it’s evident that mobile solutions are in demand. Thus, more enterprises are seeking app developers in the USA, who are knowledgeable about a mobile first approach to app development.

As a brand, choosing a mobile first approach for the development of your app is essential for the following reasons:

Mobile is the new standard

According to research, more millennials are on their phones now compared to a few years ago. Plus, you can get everything done from a mobile device now, regardless of location. Prior to a few years ago, desktop applications were the norm and mobile options were patronized by only “techy” individuals and brands. However, with this shift and the availability of options at your disposal via mobile devices, seeking enterprise mobility solutions is a great strategy.

From digital marketing with blogs to cool pictures, mobile devices provide quicker access to information. Hence, seeking the services of the best app developers in the USA to create a mobile platform for your app is more beneficial.

Responsive designs are becoming outdated

A couple of years ago, many app developers in the USA made the transition to mobile applications via responsive designs. Although this option made it easy for websites to adapt to both desktop and mobile view, there were some issues with it. Some of which were poor UX and too much cramming of information into a small view. Now, mobile based applications have given rise to easy access to information via mobile devices. Also, productivity in work spaces has increased, as employees can access more information much easier.

With the production of micro apps developed for a specific task, employees can get a lot more work done. Plus, it’s a lot more affordable compared to a desktop version, which contains a myriad of information.

Effective customer engagement

One of the major goals of every brand is to be able to connect with customers despite where they might be. Mobile applications have made this easier and has improved customer engagement even more. Based on research, the average person checks their phone about 85 times daily. This means they spend at least 5 hours browsing the web every single day. Brands can leverage this fact and improve their customer engagement, as consumers will most likely be on their phones for most of the day.

With the help of the best mobile app development company in the USA, creating a mobile first approach for your app gives you direct access to customers. By providing valuable content, adequate customer support and services, you can improve brand loyalty.

More opportunity to gather revenue

The world as we know it is slowly becoming digital. You can literally find anything you’re searching for via the internet and social media platforms. Thus, more consumers spend most of their time online, which is a great opportunity for brand owners. With a mobile first approach to enterprise mobility solutions, your services can be promoted to thousands of users at a time. Products and services aren’t just marketed via social media posts, but also via mobile applications. With the skills of a top app development company in the USA, you can develop a user friendly app that creates more revenue for you.

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Easy scalability

A valid reason why enterprise mobility solutions should be more about a mobile first approach is the scalability. Basically, developing an application from a desktop platform into mobile can be very difficult. So, it’s essentially easier to build an app for mobile platforms instead of scaling it down after it was created for desktop. Although a lot of people believe once you hire dedicated developers, this is an easy fit. Unfortunately, the reverse is the case. Scaling down an application from desktop to mobile can ruin its core functionality. However, the opposite is easy, as you can simply add in some features to make it work for desktop.

Availability of backend systems

Top app developers in the USA know creating a mobile app without the proper backend system is impossible. Backend systems are extremely beneficial in terms of storing large amounts of data, secure payment options, updating frameworks and incorporating more features into the app. These features aren’t available in a desktop supported application, which makes it impossible to incorporate after. Basically, the backend system reduces the cost of incorporating features if you decide to transition to a desktop version.

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Gone are the days when you need to always show up at work to get a job done or to liaise with clients. Mobile devices are taking the stress out of carrying your laptop everywhere you go. This invariably increases productivity and creates the opportunity to get your job done, literally anywhere. So, if your goal is to reach as many people as you can in a short period of time, then investing in a mobile first approach is totally worth it. Also, with a mobile first approach to enterprise mobility solutions, you do not have to be online to get work done. You can work offline and be on the go!


Trying out a mobile first approach in enterprise app development exposes you to a lot more opportunities. From more business opportunities to customer engagement, which leads to brand loyalty. Also, it helps employees become more productive, as it helps with carrying out work activities on the go. To achieve a mobile first app development, it’s essential that you hire dedicated developers who will work with you to create the best apps. The sooner you create your app with the approach, the quicker you get access to users, increase productivity and improve the growth of your company.

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