Mobile Streaming Report

The rapid growth of on-demand platforms and streaming services is one of the most profound disruptions to the media landscape in the last half-century. Whether on mobile or Connected TV (CTV), the number of people using streaming services has reached an all-time high, and with OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms circumventing traditional channels, it’s time for marketers to adapt.

Boosted by the popularity of original content and shifts in media consumption patterns, mobile streaming, in particular, has posted impressive growth around the world and across generations. As consumers spend more time streaming from their phones and on CTV, now is the moment for advertisers to increase ad spend on these devices and explore strategies that take advantage of this new opportunity.

The Mobile Streaming Report from Adjust, maps out this new media landscape, looking into the ways users of different age groups across the globe consume streamed content on mobile and CTV and the best ways brands can measure success when running campaigns on these channels. The report draws on consumer research from 7,000 respondents across the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Turkey, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and China.

Adjusts findings show that mobile streaming is more than just a new twist on the TV model; it requires a new mindset — and new data — to address the opportunity and measure the results. Competition and consumer demand for more entertainment on their terms have boosted mobile streaming use and frequency, and Adjust’s report bursts the myth that most mobile streaming takes place on commutes or edge cases. Despite the coronavirus outbreak forcing more people to stay at home, 84% of consumers across the countries surveyed used their smartphones to stream the same amount or even more content.

Household budgets for streaming services are also on the rise, with the United States falling behind some other countries — Korea for example — as the most streaming-friendly consumer economy. However, the U.S keeps close company with a host of other countries, including the U.K. ($34.82 average monthly spend), Germany ($34.36) and China ($33.78).

This trend is being driven chiefly by Millennials and Gen Z, the majority of whom stream at least once a week or more and mainly use mobile devices to do so. However, streaming isn’t exclusively for younger audiences and engagement with older age-groups is growing. In mobile-first countries, such as China and Turkey, users across generations are habitual streamers. In total, 89.8% of users 55 and older in China and 88.9% in Turkey say they stream via their phone every day or at least more than once a week.

All of this paints an obvious picture that the growing market for mobile and CTV streaming on OTT devices presents an attractive opportunity for marketers eager to reach their target audience. As consumers spend an increasing share of their time and money on streaming and on-demand entertainment services, marketers must recalibrate both their marketing strategy and the tools they use to measure performance if they want to engage with the audiences on this channel successfully.

For detailed insights on how to navigate this new media landscape, with analysis of global streaming patterns and behaviour and actionable insights on how you can get the most out of these new opportunities, Download the Mobile Streaming Report from Adjust.