In this article, we’ll be talking about voice search and its benefits to mobile apps. A large number of people have been making use of speech interactions with digital assistants like Siri and Alexa, smartphones, and smart home devices. Recent studies have shown that the use of voice-enabled tools will increase both at work and in the home.

Reports show that over 50% of Smartphone owners in the US have made use of voice technology at least once weekly.  The Voice Shopping Consumer Adoption Report of June 2018 reported that one in five adults in the US has tried using voice search to shop. Over 15% of all Google mobile inquiries came from voice searches in 2016, and it’s predicted to reach 50% by 2020. 

Specialists from Skyword stated that the speech recognition market industry would be worth over $600 million in 2019. These recent studies have shown that a voice revolution is near and voice interactions are predicted to only increase by Experts. 

In the past, top mobile developers combined their solutions for text to speech conversion. Nowadays, the text to speech conversion mode of Google, Apple, and Microsoft now offer a direct voice recognition in their mobile OS. As a result of these features, implementation costs and development time have been reduced.  

Integrating Voice technology into your mobile app

The best mobile development companies have identified that there are two elements that the development of voice supported features is based on. The two elements are Text to Speech Synthesizer (TTS) and Speech Recognition Technology (SRT) – the TTS is used when reading a text at the request of the user while the SRT is used when dictating a voice command to an app.

Due to nuances like an accent or stammering and linguistic subtleties, speech technology integration is not as easy as it seems. There are two primary deployment models to choose from when integrating voice technology into your mobile app.

  • Cloud 

Test to speech (TTS) or automatic speech recognition tasks takes place in the cloud.  With cloud solutions, accuracy and speed of your app will increase – your app will also be lightweight. However, the app on cloud solutions depends significantly on the user’s internet connection quality. 

  • Embedded

The entire app process is done on a mobile device with embedded TTS or mobile speech recognition. Your mobile app can work in autonomous mode with an embedded voice solution, but it takes a lot of space. As a result of the fact that embedded solutions take a large portion of the resources of Smartphone, the apps will run slowly.

The best mobile app developers make use of cloud-based solutions because of their popularity. With a stable internet connection, cloud-based solutions are the best alternative.

Third-party solutions

Most top mobile developers in companies can’t afford to design speech recognition algorithms from scratch. Tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google have resources which are used by the best mobile app developers. There are different SDKs, libraries and tools that are available online which are used by top dedicated developers—some are cross-platform while others are for either iOS or Android only. 

Some of these resources used by the best mobile development companies include Siri Shortcuts, Azure Speech APIs, Google Cloud Text to Speech API, and Amazon Transcribe. Popular speech libraries are Nuance, OpenEars, Ivona, iSpeech, Acapela, and Vocalkit.

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Advantages of Voice technology

Voice technology is natural

The most operative, natural, and fast method of human communication is the spoken word. There are still some challenges associated with voice technology regarding hardware picking up accents, background noise, and mispronunciations. With each year, however, the situation is improving. Google hit a 4.9% error rate in 2017 while IBM and Microsoft have reached over 5% word error rate.

Voice technology saves time

The best mobile app developers like making use of voice technology because it’s fast and saves time. Companies hire iOS app developers who understand this technology because speech recognition technology is faster than typing on Smartphone. This has been proven by research that’s been carried out between speech recognition and typing.

Voice technology is multilingual

Voice technologies have been developing multilingual abilities. The best mobile development companies have been developing apps that integrate multilingual voice technology. Google assistant now speaks over 30 major languages on the majority of Android devices. This means you can use voice technology regardless of the language you speak.

Benefits of using Voice search in your mobile app

It’s simple

With voice search, you are spared the trouble of browsing through different folders. This is one of the numerous reasons why over 10% of Americans make use of voice search. When you hire an iOS app developer to integrate voice search into your mobile app, your users will benefit significantly from this integration.

Voice search and commands help users search through items quickly, take notes, write emails and perform other functions. This means you don’t have to insert a keyword to choose an item from a long list, instead, you can use a voice command to save time.

It offers variety

Voice search enables you to comprehensively describe objects in terms of their characteristics and functions, unlike touch which offers referral interaction with the device.

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It improves customer satisfaction

When you hire an iOS app developer to integrate voice search into your app, you’re presenting new opportunities for customer commitment, fulfillment, and retention. A large number of people make use of voice search as an effective way to get information.

Voice search avoids modality errors which provide appropriate mobile app interaction. If you want to rank high in search results while attracting new customers, you should integrate this technology into your mobile app.

It expands your mobile app boundaries

Compared to laptops and desktops, mobile devices are not as convenient in terms of navigation because of their smaller screen. With voice search, the small screen of mobile devices will not be a limitation. This is because the features attached to the voice search expand the boundaries of your mobile app significantly. 

To wrap it up

The adoption of voice technology is increasing rapidly especially with smart home and office devices. This adoption is not just a trend as it’s a part of the future of technology. To give your mobile app a competitive edge, you have to integrate this technology into your apps.

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