Apple has signed a pact with Salesforce to strengthen its position in the enterprise ecosystem. This partnership changes the way in which Salesforce, a leading platform for customer relationship management, rolls out its services via iOS. In this deal, everyone is a winner; from customers who’ll be benefiting from a richer user experience to developers who will have unbridled access to powerful development tools. In essence, this is one partnership that will greatly influence app development in the USA and beyond.

Salesforce is poised to remodel its Salesforce mobile app in order to harness the ingenious features of iOS, allowing for a more robust CRM. Some of these peculiar features include the Siri Shortcuts, Face ID, and Business Chat. To ensure that developers get carried along in the “new era of mobile innovation,” Salesforce is set to introduce on its learning platform, the Trailhead mobile app (the first of its kind) later next year. This introduction will follow the release of the new Salesforce mobile app. 

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But that’s not all. Salesforce aims to supercharge CRM development by developing its first Salesforce Mobile SDK built based on Apple’s Swift programming language before the year end. The native SDK will serve as a veritable toolchain that a mobile app development company can use to develop and deploy iOS apps through the Salesforce Lighting Platform. In fact, the partnership could pave the way for numerous app releases that address peculiar customer needs in various industries. 

In this article, we examine what this partnership holds for developers.

Ways in Which Developers Will Benefit from the Partnership

Better iOS CRM Developments for the Enterprise Ecosystem

One of the cornerstones of the deal is the native Salesforce mobile app that is bound to enrich CRM on the iOS platform. The new app is designed in line with Apple’s latest Human Interface Guidelines. This raises the bar regarding app development in the USA, and this can indeed give rise to a “new era of mobile innovation.”

The remodeling of the iOS Salesforce Mobile app furnishes the app with features that enrich iOS user experiences, integrating some of the operating system’s outstanding features such as Siri Short Cuts, Face ID, and Business Chat. 

A New Inventory of Developer Tools

Preparations are underway for the release of numerous Salesforce apps that will serve up solutions to the peculiar problems of various industries. To supercharge CRM development on the iOS platform, Salesforce is putting out an SDK, so that any mobile app development company can join Salesforce to develop streamlined apps for various brands. 

The SDK, which is suited to Apple’s Swift language, is scheduled to be released before the end of the year. It comes with a highly efficient capacity algorithm that provides a mobile app development company with highly efficient tools for developing and deploying iOS apps on the Salesforce Lighting Platform.

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A Smoothened Learning Curve for Developers

Another high point of the partnership is Apple’s introduction of the new Get Started with iOS App Development Trail, which is poised to help developers improve their capacity to take on more sophisticated app developments. This release is a product of the strong belief of both companies in democratizing technology and providing developers with more powerful technical knowledge and tools.

Nonetheless, the Get Started With iOS App Development Trial is not just targeted at top app developers in the USA, it’s a guide for anyone who wants to learn how to build native iOS apps using Swift and Xcode. This guide easily equips developers with the tools they need to excel in both the short term and long run.

The modules in the course include:

Swift Essentials: This module, which can be completed in 1:35 introduces the basics of the Swift programming language, delving into constants, variables, data types, operations, and control flow.

Xcode Essentials: The module teaches how to build, run and debug an app using Xcode IDE and iOS SDK. The module also teaches the nitty-gritty of user interfaces, including the basics of the interface builder, creating buttons and actions, and lots more. The module can be completed in 1:45. 

Salesforce Mobile SDK Basics: In this module, you get to learn about the technologies powering the Salesforce mobile SDK. After introducing the basics of the Salesforce SDK, the module delves into security and authentication. The module is a 35 minute read.

Native iOS: This module takes you through the brass tacks of developing native iOS apps using the Salesforce Mobile SDK. The module treats topics like Forceios Native Apps, accessing Salesforce data via REST APIs, and lots more.

The Expanding Presence of iOS in the Enterprise Ecosystem

The new partnership is poised to bring about a wave of new mobile apps that effectively address the peculiar issues which customers in various industries are facing. Salesforce is well aware that the expectations of the customers are rapidly advancing, hence the need for CRM developments to deliver first-rate mobile experiences. 

This push for greater excellence in service delivery on the iOS platform will most likely endear iOS to the enterprise world, allowing Apple to penetrate the enterprise markets like never before.

As this push into the business sector unfolds, existing mobile app development companies will find it easier to compete with Android app development companies. This is bound to bring about an increase in the pool of projects available for an iPhone application development company. 


Even though the company is one of the leading computing hardware manufacturers in the world, Apple has always struggled to gain a strong footing in the enterprise ecosystem. However, it has gone into a number of partnerships with industry heavyweights including HP Inc, Cisco, and HP Inc in recent years, in order to bolster its presence in the enterprise market. 

This recent partnership with Salesforce looks set to provide top mobile developers with a new wave of CRM development projects that will bring far more enriched user experiences. Ultimately, the partnership will change the face of app development in the USA and help companies make more informed decisions. When you’re ready to create your next app, be sure to contact us and we’ll work with you to make one that’s just right for your company.

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