Hello! We are Äppska! The young and daring performance-marketing agency. A Pro Team with Programmatic Ad Platform will provide you with 500,000 paid events from all major traffic sources worldwide monthly.

Today we want to introduce you to our successful cases. Our goal is not just to fulfill the client’s requirements, but to blow up all metrics and bring them to the cosmic level. It sounds self-confident, but believe us, none of our competitors will try so hard to get the highest result.

So, let’s get started!

Case #1

Application: Fonbet

Vertical: Betting

GEO: Russia

Devices: iOS

Target action: First Time Deposit

Period: December 2020 — December 2021

Average number of deposits per day in November-December 2021: 250-300, 800 on peaks (peaks occur during popular sports events)

We started working with the Fonbet iOS in December 2020. At first, there were about 40 deposits per day, then we reached 100 deposits per day. In June 2021, the app made a hit — up to 652 deposits per day on peaks.

Number of First Time Deposits from 01.01.21 to 31.07.21 on Adjust

Source: Appska

Then the advertiser changed the attribution system from Adjust to AppsFlyer. It was assumed that switching to AppsFlyer would reduce conversion. However, we quickly reconfigured the traffic sources. This made it possible to avoid drawdown.

In addition, the work was complicated by the fact that Fonbet sent us a list of prohibited sources that it didn’t accept for one reason or another. Nevertheless, we increased the traffic volumes on the sources we had at our disposal. We also set a competitive rate, which allowed us to attract more sources and give them the opportunity to scale.

Finally, we constantly made sure that there was no fraud.

Fraud rate on December 1, 2021

Source: Appska

At first, after switching to AppsFlyer, the indicators decreased, but from September they gradually began to grow and grew very really by mid-October.

Number of First Time Deposits from 01.08.21 to 19.12.21 on AppsFlyer

Source: Appska

In October we had 2021 deposits, and in November the volume grew to 6141 deposits.

Number of First Time Deposits in October 2021

Source: Appska

Number of First Time Deposits in November 2021

Source: Appska

Since we gave large volumes, the advertiser increased our CAP. In September, when the advertiser just switched to AppsFlyer, our CAP was 1000 (as a test). In October, the CAP was already 5000. The indicators were getting better and better, so in November we were given a CAP of 7500 deposits (now we are negotiating to increase the CAP to 10000).

CAP from May to November 2021

Source: Appska

Number of Installs from June to November 2021

Source: Appska

First Time Deposits & CR Inst2FTD on top sources in October and November 2021

Source: Appska

Case #2

Mobile app: Digido (ex-Robocash)

Vertical: Finance

GEO: Philippines

OS: Android

Target actions: loan application, loan issuance

Period: May 2021 — December 2021

Average number of deposits per day in November-December 2021: 100 applications per day, 30 loans per day

Digido is a state-licensed and fully automated online lender.

We started working with the mobile app in May 2021. It was called Robocash. From May to August 2021, we attracted 3,000 applications and over 700+ loans. At the peak, there were 60 applications per day and 20 loans per day.


Source: Appska


Source: Appska

In August 2021, there was a rebranding — the application changed its name: Robocash became Digido.

At first, traffic volumes were insignificant, since the brand was not yet known on the market. That’s why there was a drawdown in August. But in 2 weeks we went from 0 to 270 applications per day (750 applications per day at peak).


Source: Appska

Since September, the figures began to grow significantly. This was because we increased payments to advertising networks for targeted actions reducing our profits — they became more interesting to work with and our traffic volumes increased. As a result, we have significantly scaled up. When the advertiser began to receive large volumes of high-quality traffic, it was possible to negotiate on more favorable terms with him.


Source: Appska

In October 2021, we consistently received 250-400 applications per day.


Source: Appska

As a result, from August 2021 to January 2022, we achieved the following:

  • 500,000 installs
  • 18,000 applications
  • 5,000 loans


Source: Appska


Source: Appska

What helped us to succeed:

  • Working with each source separately
  • Process optimization
  • Testing multiple hypotheses
  • Different payment models
  • Adjusting bids to win auctions

Case #3

Mobile app: Juanhand (online cash loan app)

Vertical: Finance


OS: Android

Payout event: First Time Loan

Active time: July – August 2021

Average daily loans: 300 First Time Loans

We started working with Juanhand in the middle of July 2021 and the average first time loans were no more than 100 per day. After a few weeks and thorough analysis were determined how we can double and eventually triple the current performance.

First of all, we were working via the CPL model, so the following step was to switch to CPS, as it will allow us to track user behavior and optimize traffic in accordance with the client’s business needs. Secondly, the higher payout for the CPS model helped us to involve more sources to cooperate.

From the get-go we reached 300 first time loans, with a peak of 790 events in the middle of August. In the image below you can see the boost in first time loans during August.

Juanhand performance

Source: Appska

Case #4

App: MoneyMan – Préstamos Rápidos

Vertical: Finance


OS: Android / iOS

Payout event: First Time Loan Application

Active time: September 2021 – present

Average daily applications: 50 First Time Loan Application

We have been working with MoneyMan ES since September 2021. The feature is quite a long evaluation process. From the start, the total monthly cap was given as 300 applications. Due to that, we could not scale further to match advertisers business needs.

Though we were reaching the cap every month in the middle of it, we had a chance to prove the quality and after advertiser’s traffic analysis, starting from January the iOS app was added and the cap was increased to 4,000 applications which we confidently started reaching. The average applications daily during that period were 100, with a peak of 120.

MoneyMan performance

Source: Appska