Fetch Rewards partnered with Jampp to unlock new growth with programmatic user acquisition, successfully increasing the number of sign-ups and first scans while reducing the CPA for both in-app events.

About Fetch Rewards 

With the mission to make users’ life easier and more rewarding, Fetch Rewards helps consumers to save money on the products they buy and love. With more than 16 million downloads since launching in 2017 and nearly 7 million active users, Fetch Rewards has processed nearly one billion receipts to date and has delivered more than $100 million in points. Shoppers simply snap a picture of their receipt from any grocery store, and the app does the rest. It’s that easy. 

The app has seen accelerated growth during the global pandemic as COVID-19 created a sudden and significant shift in consumer shopping habits. With food retail revenue increasing over 25%, total household grocery bills increased, and long-term grocery trends have changed. Founder Wes Schroll stated that innovation and speed were key to their growth in 2020, with COVID-19 leading the app to adapt to the feedback that shoppers were giving. Moreover, the consumer-loyalty and retail-rewards app recently announced that it raised $80 million in Series C funding to continue innovating the product. 

The challenge

Fetch partnered with Jampp to implement a programmatic User Acquisition strategy that would boost their sign-ups and first scans in the most efficient way. Together, we successfully drove new growth while reducing the cost per sign-ups and cost per first scan.

“Jampp’s team feels like an extension of our own, they are 100% on top of our campaign. We’ve found them to be super responsive and quick to implement tests and tweaks. We are very happy with the level of service they offer.”Krishnan Menon, VP of Marketing – Growth

Creative meets tech 

Creatives play a key role in app discovery, so delivering a good user experience includes finding the most appealing (and engaging) ad format and content for each of them. Since there is no single golden rule for mobile ads, marketers need to design and test as many variations as possible. To this end, Fetch Rewards implemented our Dynamic Ads Builder. The creative tool leverages brand assets to automatically create 100s of ad variations to test and gather insights for optimization. 

This enabled Fetch Rewards to: 

  • Access more inventory by using every Creative Size to drive as many conversions as possible
  • Ensure their assets are automatically adjusted to each format
  • Test quicker to help drive creative performance
  • Significantly reduce the time and resources required for ad creation, making it possible to run ads with last-minute promotions, or special deals.

Our algorithm then optimizes the bidding strategy to get these creatives in front of the right users. 

Success Metrics 

Fetch Rewards was able to leverage Jampp’s creative technology and optimization algorithms to effectively increase their sign-ups and first scans in a cost-efficient way. 

“For us, it’s not only about hitting the right KPIs. It’s also about scale—and Jampp managed to do both at the same time. With CPI rates falling by 54% and conversions on the rise, we feel we’ve achieved healthy and lasting growth. ” – Austin Thomson, Sr. Marketing Manager – Growth.

What can Jampp do for your app? 

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