Although advertisers once relied on user acquisition to grow their user base, savvy app marketers now understand that an install does not equal a user.

App retargeting helps mobile marketers to re-activate existing customers, taking users back to the app to increase engagement, driving incremental conversions, and maximizing user retention. In this article, you will learn more about how this solution works for every app vertical.

How retargeting adapts to each app category

Shopping apps

Shopping apps user churn

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Growth challenges for shopping apps

  • Competition: In the US alone, there are over 300,000 and 118,000 shopping apps in Google Play and Apple’s App Store, respectively; this makes it harder for eCommerce apps to stand out against competitors.
  • Wide product offering: It can be difficult for shopping apps to showcase their entire product offering, which usually involves multiple categories, models, and in some cases, even partner brands.
  • Wishlist to cart: Turning users into consumers, getting new customers to make their first purchase.

How app retargeting can help

This vertical may be the most obvious use case for app retargeting since eCommerce engagement strategies are well known from the desktop days.

Shopping apps tend to have detailed product feeds which make it super easy to retarget users based on wishlist items and/or complementary products to the ones they’ve recently purchased.

As a bonus point, these apps can use app retargeting to activate those shopping carts around key dates like Black Friday, St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

Finance apps

Time spent in fintech apps

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Growth challenges for finance apps

  • Lengthier registrations: For fintech apps, this process is usually longer than the registration process of other types of apps, and unless completed, it will keep users from accessing any of the app’s features.
  • Wide service offering: Promoting a variety of services and educating users on the benefits of each of these financial products.
  • Increasing user retention: Over 80% of fintech app users will churn unless retargeted in the first week after install.

How app retargeting can help

App retargeting is a great way to guide users through the registration stage by reminding them of the app’s value.

Additionally, as fintech apps constantly evolve to incorporate new functionalities, app retargeting allows marketers to keep users up to speed with the latest updates. Creating ad sets that cover the app’s wide range of services is a great way to keep the users coming back.

Food delivery apps

Food delivery app reorders

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Growth challenges for delivery apps

  • Competition: With users leveraging different food delivery apps instead of having a single go-to option, apps within this vertical are always looking to outperform their competitors.
  • Wide and changing offering: Not only is there a wide variety of products – these apps are constantly working to add new partners, and restaurants often update their menus too.
  • Turning users into frequent buyers: A great user experience is key to achieving this, but it’s also about finding the best times and days to reach out with recommendations users may love.

How app retargeting can help

It’s difficult to sustain purchases on discounts and promotions alone. At the end of the day, marketers need to find a way to remind users how the app can help them with everyday needs.

With app retargeting, brands can recommend options similar to the ones their users have ordered to remind them why they love the app or show ads highlighting new partners. Bringing users back to the app helps create new shopping habits, leading users to interact and spend more than ever before.

Food delivery apps can retarget users around special dates and events to drive more conversions, for instance: offering the best pizza options on game night, or promoting sweet treats around St. Valentine’s Day.

Will app retargeting work for your app?

These are just some examples of how App Retargeting can help different mobile businesses. Over the years, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience in the realm of app performance marketing. Our new app retargeting guide covers how different apps can leverage this solution to drive long-term growth.