Businesses today that are not taking advantage of the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning are putting themselves at a distinct disadvantage. The truth is Forrester reports that utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning can help businesses reduce operating costs by as much as 90%.

At the same time, McKinsey reports that about half of all work could be automated.

That means if you are not taking advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning you are, in effect, throwing up roadblocks that will prevent your own business growth. You are sabotaging yourself!

Imagine your staff having double or triple the time they have now … it’s possible with AI!

Imagine them being able to work on projects that will actually help your business grow … instead of spending all their time on data entry or trying to drill down and find the real cause of an event storm … it’s possible with AI.

These types of things are the promise presented by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

So What Exactly Are Artificial Intelligence

& Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, refers to computer systems that are able to perform tasks that human workers have normally performed. AI may be able to recognize images and speech and even make decisions on its own.

When it comes to AI, the revolution is clearly now under way …

As more and more items become connected to the Internet and more and more data is generated, experts believe that the only way for businesses to properly manage and monitor everything is going to be through automation.

More specifically, that automation is going to come from artificial intelligence. AI tools can:

Automate Tasks
This means businesses are able to get more done with less staff. Tasks can be automated both on site and in the cloud.

Improve Communication
As we stated above, AI can recognize speech and can also translate between languages. It may also make communication easier between company departments to improve business efficiency.

Improve Security

AI and machine learning are a great way to constantly update and improve security as they are constantly identifying trends so that they can stop issues before they happen.

Correlate in Real Time

AI and machine learning can provide correlation of data in real time and they can also help categorize that data and make sure it is routed to the right departments. For example, AI could take support alerts, prioritize them and then send them to the right team – all in the blink of an eye.

Provide Better Data

We are living in the data age and AI can be a great way for companies to ensure they are getting the data they need to succeed. AI can provide information that makes decisions easier and that better determines company and worker performance.

Resolve Support Issues

Now instead of spending all their time clearing low-priority alerts, staff can focus on other important matters as AI takes care of the common alerts.

Here are some more noteworthy AI features:

  • Automates repetitive tasks and support alerts
  • Uses self-learning to constantly improve
  • Delivers real-time analytics that help future decision making
  • Provides high level security that is always getting better
  • And much more

So What about Machine Learning? defines machine learning as “a particular approach to AI and the driving force behind recent developments. Instead of programming the computer every step of the way, machine learning makes use of learning algorithms that make inferences from data to learn new tasks.”

The society continues: “As machine learning is used more often in products and services, there are some significant considerations when it comes to users’ trust in the Internet. Several issues must be considered when addressing AI, including, socio-economic impacts; issues of transparency, bias, and accountability; new uses for data, considerations of security and safety, ethical issues; and, how AI facilitates the creation of new ecosystems.”

One thing is clear – machine learning is advancing rapidly.

Right now, Apple is a leader in leveraging machine learning in their chips. The company’s core processor, the 7-nanometer A12 Bionic, includes machine learning that will allow it to perform such tasks as Face ID as well as take better photos and even recognize unhealthy heartbeat patterns.

In fact, one man just recently appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America TV Show explaining how this machine learning has saved his life by detecting an unhealthy heartbeat pattern.

Apple has also launched a framework called Core Machine Learning 2 (CoreML 2) that enables the creation of higher performance and better responsive applications compared to what is possible with general iOS apps. This framework is sure to grow in popularity in 2019.

The Bottom Line …

The bottom line when it comes to AI and machine learning is that companies who do not adopt this new technology are ultimately going to be left behind.

Take website development, for example, AI tools and machine learning can allow developers to automate certain tasks allowing them to finish projects faster and to pass cost-savings on to their customers.

Innovations such as Sirikit are making it easy for developers in the iPhone app development market to enable iOS and watchOS apps to work with Siri just using voice. Sirikit offers many benefits including hands-free use and lock screen access. 

And that’s not all. Siri Shortcuts will intelligently suggest shortcuts for actions you may want to perform using an app. This allows developers to better determine what actions users will want to take in the future. Developers can also now run shortcuts by voice.

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