Online Courses App Revenue and Usage Statistics (2024)

Louise Wylie

Updated: July 9, 2024

Like other sub-sectors in the education app market, skills and online training courses experienced significant growth at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, as many people lost jobs or were temporarily out of work. This growth has continued post-pandemic.

Online course apps have tapped into the demand for re-skilling and upskilling workers in the face of skill shortages and huge market shifts. Employers are able to create their own programmes to train employees in job-specific skills through apps such as Udemy and Coursera, while job-seekers can work on their employability by taking expert courses on LinkedIn Learning.

Much of the growth of the online course sector stems from mass open online courses. Students are able to study free or paid courses flexibly, at their own pace and fully remotely, while in some cases earning certifications. While these courses were originally provided by universities and other academic bodies, the role of professors in the active running of classes has been scaled back.

Apps which teach coding and programming specifically also attract significant revenue and attention. The programming sector is expanding, and with it more people are undergoing training to fill the job shortages. One of the top programming apps, Mimo, offers beginners courses in Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other coding languages which are attractive to potential employers.

Despite their pandemic popularity, online course sector businesses are still struggling to turn a profit. Udemy has recorded net losses each year since its public listing, Coursera lost $175 million in 2022 and despite being India’s most valuable start-up, BYJU’S is only now shifting its focus to profitable growth.

Online course apps have become more integrated into workers’ career progression as the sector has moved further from academia and closer to the world of work, seeking to meet demand as it emerges.

We have collected data and statistics on the online courses sector. Read on below to find out more.

Key Online Course App Statistics

  • The online course app sector generated $8.7 billion in revenue in 2022
  • Online course and programming apps were downloaded 28.2 million times in 2022
  • Udemy topped the chart of in-app revenue in the United States at $9.7 million in 2022

Top Online Course Apps

App NameDescription more than 210,000 courses provided through Udemy are predominately for job-related skills and some generate credit towards technical certification LearningA subsidiary of LinkedIn, LinkedIn Learning provides video courses taught by industry experts in business, creative and technological subjects AcademyKhan Academy provides free practice exercises and instructional videos for students from the beginning of school through college with universities and employers, Coursera focuses on job-relevant online learning community Skillshare allows students to take classes in creative subjects through a subscription service'SIndian company BYJU'S operates in more than 100 countries to offer educational content through digital animation videos a crowd-sourced community library, GoConqr is a platform for cooperative learning

Online Course App Revenue

The online course app sector earned $8.77 billion in revenue in 2022 and this is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.14 percent, reaching $33.2 billion in 2030.

Online course app market annual revenue 2018 to 2022 ($bn)

Online Course Revenue by App

BYJU’s, which offers video courses for school-age children, earned $1.21 billion last year.

Online course annual revenues by app 2017 to 2022 ($mm)


Online course and programming apps US IAP revenue 2022 ($mm)

AppRevenue ($mm)
LinkedIn Learning2.36
Kahoot! 1.27

Source: Apptweak

Online course sector app users

BYJU’s, Khan Academy and Coursera each had over 100 million users in 2022.

Online course users by app 2022 (mm)

AppUsers (mm)
Khan Academy137
LinkedIn Learning27

Sources: Company data

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