App Store Data (2024)

David Curry

Updated: January 23, 2024

Outside of China, Apple and Google control more than 95 percent of the app store market share through iOS and Android, respectively. Both mobile OSes originally came with a few pre-installed apps, but quickly launched app stores, which allowed third-party developers to publish apps and games.

Within a year of both being available, tens of thousands of developers were building apps and games for the platforms. In less than five years, both Apple and Google had over one millions apps and games available, which generated millions in app revenue for both companies.

The app economy was built on these two platforms, which have expanded their offerings to include apps for consumers and every type of business. It is estimated to be worth approximately $6.3 trillion according to

Others have tried to match Apple and Google. Microsoft launched its own store for Windows Mobile and Huawei has its own store after being banned from using Android. There are also niche app and game stores outside of mobile, such as Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store app for PC.

Apple and Google have both, for the past three years, added more barriers to entry for developers. They have also purged millions of apps from their respective stores, in an attempt to improve quality across the ecosystem.

As Android is unavailable in China, several app stores have sprung up in the country, which include MyApp by Tencent, Huawei App Market, OPPO software store and a few others. These account for approximately 75 percent of all app downloads in China.

Apple is able to continue to operate in China with its app store, although the Chinese government regularly sweep the store to remove apps and games.

We have collected data on Apple's App Store and Google Play. Read on below to find out more.

Apple App Store Key Statistics

  • Apple's App Store has 1.81 million apps and 472,000 games
  • Games make up 19.86% of the Apple App Store
  • Business and education are the second and third most popular categories
  • Free apps make up 95% of the Apple App Store
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