Mobile Live Streaming Broadcast Case Study

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Partner Post - Quantil Inc. Global Content Delivery Network

Posted: July 5, 2016

Laura Mellon is the Content Marketing Manager for QUANTIL. For the past 6 years, Laura has been a writer and translator, specializing in content for technology companies. She has worked as an independent contractor and in-house with global brands, such as Intel and Kroll Ontrack. She is passionate about helping people discover new ways to understand and use technology.



Our customer is the first enterprise launching the concept of mobile live streaming; they are currently setting the industry benchmark. Their application can be used on many devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones. End users can carry out a live broadcast anywhere at any time simply using their mobile devices, allowing for zero-distance interaction with all users on the entire network.


The customer had several challenges that they wanted to address, the most important of which include:

Large number of users and concurrent connections

The era of “Individual Live Broadcasts” has arrived. During peak hours, a live stream can weigh down a network since users generate a large amount of concurrent interactions, so the server cannot bear such a heavy load. A recent article describes how Facebook have been managing the issue since the launch of Facebook Live to their social network. Undoubtedly, this is the main issue that needs to be addressed as it can result in a site or service going completely offline, causing irreparable damage to the business.

Complicated network conditions and high delay

Live streaming has strict requirements on the network environment, such as outbound bandwidth. In complicated conditions, such as Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G, the network delay between anchors and audiences has a significant influence. Therefore, it is difficult for them to conduct real-time fluent interaction.

Fierce market competition

There are many similar products on the market, so user experience is crucial. Major defects, such as slow load speed and high delay, may cause a product to lose many users. Additionally, given that this technology is new to market, and they are setting the industry benchmark, it is important that they hold the highest standards to prevent entry of better competitors in their space.

Content control is complex

Nowadays, the supervision of network videos is stringent, and live streaming content is difficult to control. If a controversial or indecent video appears on a live broadcast, the business may suffer irreparable losses both to revenue and reputation.


Based on the business features of mobile phone live streaming, QUANTIL created a dedicated delivery platform for mobile live streaming:



Overview of the Acceleration Solution Architecture for Mobile Live Streaming Broadcast

QUANTIL’s dedicated delivery platform for mobile live streaming owns a Tbps-level bandwidth reserve and an abundance of small operator resources. It can bear million-level concurrent connections. Additionally, the new generation scheduling system, private data transmission protocol, and special packet-sending policy can limit the CDN internal transmission delay to ms level. QUANTIL’s proprietary “real-time screenshot” technology and multiple auxiliary functions, i.e., stream delay, stream ban, etc., can help the customer to cope with the supervision of streams and reviews from regulatory agencies.


Ensuring fluent use of the application

QUANTIL’s solution can support a large number of concurrent connections to live streaming anchors and audiences during peak hours, thus ensuring the fluency of the customer’s app.

Overall fantastic user experience

After the customer uses QUANTIL’s solution, the CDN internal transmission delay is controlled within ms level, which greatly enhances the interactive experience of anchors and users.

Reduces the difficulty of content control

The solution helps the customer to improve the convenience of content control, which reduces their operation costs.

Decreasing customer’s O&M cost

The customer does not need to change their source site architecture for the adoption of QUANTIL’s dedicated live streaming delivery platform; the additional cost of equipment and operation is almost nothing.

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