Case Study: Ivory Dating App – A Tinder Like App for Singapore Elites

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Posted: July 14, 2016

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Ivory is an elitist dating app that aims to attract the attention of the elites of Singapore and is a platform to connect the like-minded people with interests and lifestyles similar to yours. It is Singapore’s first “members-only-dating-app” wherein singles will have to be screened into Ivory’s curated list of “ambitious and high-achieving” locals. The founders have raised $100,000 seed funding and taken some good PR lessons from Kim Kardashian. The App is going to hit the market in December 2016 and is currently aimed at Singapore dating market & planning to target other Asian countries as well.

Ivory mobile app developed by Debut Infotech

Debut Infotech Ltd, one of the top-rated mobile application development companies by App Index , has worked as a technology partner for Ivory. Debut infotech has done the development of the Ivory product

Ivory is focused on connecting like-minded people wherein users can view the match.The very first thing that the App ensures is the Authenticity of its user base.The Users can create profile only through their Facebook and LinkedIn Ids which ensures that the profiles are genuine. Each of the user profile is manually checked and approved by the Ivory team so that only genuine users are registered on the App platform. Thus, while using Ivory as your dating App, you can be assured that the user you are connecting to is Authentic and not Fake!

Another important feature of the app is the Making Meaningful. The App makes your profile visible to only those who meet your preferences. If you see a match that interest you, swipe right and send an indication.If your profile meets the interests and preferences of the other party, you may strike up a conversation. It aims at providing the most relevant potential matches to result in more meaningful connections.

Again, Securityof Personal credentialshas been one of the pillars while building the Ivory App.You are hidden from friends, business connections, and co-workers yet can enjoy setting ultra-specific preferences and only proposing users who fit them all.

To maintain well-curated and well balanced community of elite singles, the app has designed an advanced screening and matching algorithm that helps you view the right match.The App screens through the entire user base and display the profiles of those users only that have similar lifestyles and interests to that of yours and match your preference criteria.Ivory wants to connect high-achievers and power couples through pure exclusivity.

Finally, another significant feature of the app is its simplicity to connect. It’s very easy to use the Ivory App and get connected to the person of your dreams. Since your device is almost all the time with you, you may connect in real time, chat around, share your photographs and start dating each other.

While the company is currently focused on going live in December’16, if you’re in Singapore who is searching for a partner, you may just try your luck entering the wait list at the Ivory Site.

Debut InfoTech Ltd, one of the top-rated mobile application development companies by App Index, has worked as a technology partner for Ivory. The company has done the development of the Ivory product .

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