HopTo launches HopTo Work 2.0, ready to convert Windows programs into Android apps


Mobile productivity platform HopTo has launched HopTo Work 2.0, a new version of its mobile workspace app which makes it simple to convert Windows applications over to touch-friendly Android and iOS apps. Version 2.0 includes a new feature set known as Max, and HopTo for Android, specifically for introducing the platform to Android users.

Eldad Eilam, the president and CEO of HopTo, said:


“HopTo Work bridges the gap between modern mobile devices and Windows-based mission-critical applications that businesses rely on daily. We make the mobile workspace flexible, secure and easy-to-use – a safe, plug and work environment. In addition, hopTo Work on Android accelerates the reach of the offering to 95% of all tablets in the world.”

The new Max features can be broken down into three main sections. MaxControl is for adding touch-friendly controls to a Windows program, providing fast access to often used functions on a touchscreen device. MaxEdit adds an easy to use data entry form with the most popular tools built-in.

Finally, MaxCam allows developers to add photos, documents, and bar codes onto a Windows server directly from a smartphone or tablet’s camera, without storing anything on the device itself. None of these tools require any additional coding.

HopTo Work costs $99 per user complete with one year’s support, or there is the option to sign-up for a 15-day trial.