Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time, and it continues today. In fact, it’s really crucial for how our society and economy work nowadays. Think of TED Talks and Apple Inc. keynotes and you’ll get an idea for what is a high standard for storytelling today.  

But how does it apply in app marketing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic?  Empathy and resonance are the key because the world has changed. 

Today’s guest is Faye Liddle-Moore, Commercial Director-Northern Europe of Outbrain, which helps people discover content, products, and services that interest them. 

Today’s Topics Include:

☝️ Outbrain: Selling a moment of discovery, rather than an audience

✍️ Storytelling: Exchange between creator and audience to convey message that resonates

 👩‍🏫 Talent vs. Taught: Storytelling is natural talent, but structure can be taught via insights

👍 App Marketing Storytelling Strategy: Value proposition on why your app is better

👉 Search and Social: Tell great stories in the right places

🦠 COVID-19 Impact on Brand Marketing: Don’t push but pull your own agenda 

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Quotes by Faye Liddle-Moore:

“Rather than selling a specific audience, it was about connecting many audiences with content and stories that interest them.”

“Being able to inspire people is probably something that it’s not necessarily something that can be taught.”

“Empathizing with your audience is still the core of what you should be doing with your storytelling.”

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