Millions of developers have put their time, money, and sweat into creating apps to make a profit via paid ads, a subscription model, and in-app bidding.

In-app bidding is an in-app advertising technology that slowly but surely replaces waterfall tech that has been the standard for mobile publishers for a number of years. It allows publishers to increase efficiency of their monetization efforts, decrease ad display latency and consequently increase earnings.

Today’s guest is Daniel Tchernahovsky, Managing Director – EMEA at AppLovin. Daniel describes how in-app bidding is a central component to generate revenue.

Today’s Topics Include:

✔️ AppLovin: Goal is to entertain the world with games

✔️ App Advertising: Buying and selling formats are banner, interstitial, and rewarded

✔️ Partners: Work with everyone to monetize apps

✔️ New vs. Old: Pros and cons of programmatic advertising models, such as waterfall

✔️ Inefficiency and Inventory Issues: Time gaps and missed or random price points

✔️ In-app Bidding: Real-time auction runs parallel, not consecutively for highest price point

✔️ COVID-19 Pandemic: Stable progression of people spending time on mobile devices

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Tweets/Quotes by Daniel Tchernahovsky:

“Our goal is to entertain the world with games.”

“The way that the industry works is that you’ll work with a variety of partners. You’ll want to work with everyone if you want to monetize.”

“The idea of in-app bidding: Five people are competing for my impression, what is the highest price point that each and every one of you are willing to pay?”

“People have been spending their time being glued more to their devices, playing more, being entertained more.”

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