In the ocean of mobile apps there are some that are built for a community.  If you take any mundane app on your smartphone, it may have thousands of users but it is not a vital part of their life, they don't open it to share their experience. On the other hand, community apps are exactly the place where people get together to share something exciting in their life.

Today’s guest is Ayat Baroudi from Fishbrain, where she’s responsible for CRM marketing, specifically - app retention, growth, conversion, and monetization and we're talking about app community management. If you love to fish, don’t let this app get away!

Today’s Topics Include:

 🎣 Fishbrain: Comprehensive fishing intelligence tool and vertical social network

 ✔️ Fishbrain Community: All types of anglers, ages, and skill/interest levels

✔️ App Onboarding: Educate, manage, and engage diverse users using different features 

✔️ Personalization: Identify needs and expectations to provide relevant content 

✔️ CRM Role: Focus on customer lifecycle via product and value, not only growth and profit  

Links and Resources:

Tweets/Quotes by Ayat Baroudi:

“It’s for all types of anglers—professional ones or beginners or people who just want to learn about fishing.”

“Everyone likes to talk about themselves. So, we try to make users’ needs at the center of the attention.”

“Personalization is key. The more information you can get from the user, in a nice way, that’s the most important thing to be able to actually target different types of users.”

“Based on the information we get, we’re able to create very personalized and relevant content and CRM flows for these different users.”

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