Every app project starts with an idea or concept that translates into development, testing, and marketing. Increasing an app’s visibility in app stores and attracting new customers used to consume too many resources and created a data intense process.

Today’s guest is Thomas Kriebernegg, CEO and co-founder of App Radar to improve app store rankings and get more users. He describes how App Radar combines App Store Optimization (ASO) and paid user acquisition campaigns to accelerate and grow your app business.

Today’s Topics Include:

  • Native vs. Paid Search: Implement ASO or not, or do both to increase traffic and visibility
  • What apps get most visibility? Apps downloaded most often with relevant keywords
  • Case Study: Native ASO and Paid searches proved successful for World of Warships 

Links and Resources:

Quotes by Thomas Kriebernegg:

“When you do both (native and paid searches), actually, you can really find leverages for both ends.”

“In the end App Search Ads is the super relevant channel. Because people that already have already keywords in their mind, they already know what they’re looking for.”

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