When developing an app, the work of many is put together. It’s a combination of art, math, and marketing expertise that equates with users to uncover uncertainty through A/B testing. 

A/B testing for mobile apps is one of the key techniques to make sure the app meets its users expectations and keep them engaged.

Today’s guest is Karan Tibdewal of Phiture, a mobile growth consulting company that assists clients with ASO, Apple search ads, mining user retention, growth consulting and A/B testing.

Today’s Topics Include: 

✔️  A/B Testing: Important and essential to start with fundamentals

✔️  Reason for Testing: Optimizing metrics that you care about by experimenting

✔️  Common Problems: Control, don’t mix variables to measure 

✔️  Problems Solved: A/B testing solves user lifecycle issues from acquisition to reactivation

✔️  Customers: What resonates and what they actually need through A/B testing  

✔️  A/B Testing Strategy: Experimentation mindset and understanding basics 

✔️  A/B Testing Framework: Ideation, prioritize, test, analyze, revise, and consolidate/share 

✔️  Brainstorm Ideas: Everybody has opinions, but unable to prioritize them

✔️  Quantitative vs. Qualitative: Validate ideas about users through data science support 

✔️  How/where to learn A/B testing? Theory and statistics courses to app industry blogs 

Links and Resources:

Tweets/Quotes by Karan Tibdewal:

“It’s essential to start with fundamentals. A/B testing is not something completely new.”

“You care about a certain metric, and you want to optimize for its performance.”

“When you think you know your customers really well…A/B testing can prove you wrong.”

“Experimenting is usually the solution.”

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