App store optimization (ASO) is the oldest app marketing technique used to acquire more app users. Since the early days of the first app store, launched by Apple in the summer 2008, app marketers have been experimenting with numerous techniques to get their apps more visible on the store and get it downloaded. Mistakes were made and lessons have been learned.

Today’s guest is Marie-Laure Cruyt, Chief Product Officer at AppTweak. She explains how to do App Store Optimization for the Google Play app store.

Today’s Topics Include:

🔢 Data Points:

  • 65-70 percent of all app installs are driven by search
  • Developers/brands get 3 out of 4 app users via built-in search and app stores

📊 AppTweak: ASO tool provides data to monitor and increase app visibility, performance

👉 KPIs and Keywords: How ASO for Google Play differs from Apple App Store

✔️ Google’s Complex Algorithm: Key element is retention

✔️ Keyword Density vs. Stuffing: Repeat relevant words, but not too much

✔️ Conversion Tips: Keyword relevance, ratings, and visuals

✔️ Pros/Cons: App changes are continual, annoying, time consuming, and competitive

Links and Resources:

Quotes by Marie-Laure Cruyt:

“Google, obviously, is the one who invented SEO, so their approach to ASO really follows that path.”

“The more you repeat them, the more weight you give to that word. The more likely you will rank on that word.”

“Don’t just repeat just for repeating.”

“Everything that you put into the description should be useful from a user perspective.” 

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