What do you do all day? What does it take to be efficient and organized? Our lives are busy and hectic. We struggle to get everything done because there just isn’t enough time.  A life of a mobile marketer isn’t any different and, most likely, even more complicated than the most of us. Today it’s impossible to do marketing without automating repetitive tasks.

Today’s guest is Paul Müller, co-founder and CTO of Adjust, attribution and analytics software for mobile applications. Paul talks about how marketing automation on mobile actually works and how it makes life of a mobile marketer easier.

Today’s Topics Include:

🤝 Marketing automation should be about making humans work more efficient, not clicks 

📊 Ad campaign challenges: Set bid/volume rules, track networks, and manage creatives

🤔 Marketing automation future? Retargeting should take the next step to change the game, bring real relevance to win users that churn away.

🏃‍♂️ What makes your users churn? 

🖥🧍‍♂️ Computers or Humans: Which are better at communicating? 

🦠 COVID-19 time working from home tip for mobile marketers.

Links and Resources:

Quotes by Paul H. Müller:

“We don’t want to replace the human element. I believe marketing should be about human connection, but right now, it’s about who can click the most?”

“I fundamentally believe that humans are better at talking to humans. Humans want to talk to humans.”

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