YouTube extends creator tools for livestreams

Anne Freer | March 21, 2022

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youtube livestream

YouTube updated a range of features of its YouTube Live platform. 

The company launched a live view option that lets creators invite a guest to their livestream by simply sharing a link with them. 

Hosts can now invite and screen guests before they go live, while guest channels and user information remain hidden. 

Streaming analytics will be displayed as before but guests aren’t given access to that data. 

YouTube hopes that the feature will make it easier for people to go live because the capacity to add others may take some of the burden out of creating livestreams yourself. 

Like Instagram, the group also added a visual red ring to show when a channel is live.

YouTube also announced plans to add cross channel live redirects for creators with at least a thousand subscribers to direct their viewers from livestreams to their own channel. The feature only applies to channels with no active community guideline strikes and one thousand subscribers. 

The company is also working on tools for users to submit questions during a livestream based on a creator’s questions.

As YouTube continues to expand its engagement tools, Live is turning into a meaningful tool for creators and users to connect.

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