xAd partners with AdMaster to provide better measurement of mobile campaigns driving in-store visits

Anne Freier | September 6, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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Location intelligence provider xAd has partnered with AdMaster, the marketing data company to provide clients with a measurement tool that connects a mobile campaign’s delivery to a consumer’s in-store visits.
xAd connects mobile campaign delivery to in-store visits
Source: xad.com
The AdMaster Store Visitation Measurement in xAd solution is a combination of AdMaster’s online ad campaign measurement technology as well as xAd’s Blueprint technology. It measures actual foot traffic against campaign delivery to determine how such visits are influencing spending.
According to an eMarketer, mobile coupons have proven particularly successful in driving customers to store locations. However, it doesn’t solve the challenge of actually measuring coupon campaign success. That’s where the AdMaster Store Visitation Measurement in xAd comes in. Ultimately, it presents a more direct, instant and transparent way to measure metrics, compared with traditional media measurement.
Dipanshu Sharma, Founder and CEO, xAd, says:
dipanshu sharma

“Accurate measurement solutions are critical in helping brands understand how advertising impacts sales, particularly in the relatively new and fast-growing sector of location based advertising. By collaborating with AdMaster, we can provide trusted measurement ROI metrics based on store visitation. We believe xAd and AdMaster will help to establish a new standard for offline measurement while helping advertiser to create more precise and measurable campaign delivery.”

The companies are planning to roll out new technology across verticals Auto, QSR and Cosmetics. Location-based data from mobile devices still has some way to go in connection consumers with retailers.
Vincent Yan, Founder and CEO, AdMaster, adds:

“It’s a meaningful partnership with xAd. By combining the technology from both sides, linking consumer’s media preference and ad reach, with offline location, moment and consumption behavior, we could co-create the first measurement solution that close the ‘online to offline loop’. We are looking forward to gaining insights from the mobile ad exposure to store visitation conversion, and pushing forward the innovation of performance measurement metrics in location based marketing.”

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