X officially launches its Ads Revenue Sharing platform for content creators

Anne Freer | July 31, 2023

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In a bid to maintain its most influential users amid growing competition from platforms like Instagram Threads and others, X, formerly Twitter, introduced an initiative to compensate creators by sharing a portion of the ad revenue generated from replies to their posts earlier this month. Now, the company has officially launched its Ads Revenue Sharing platform.

What’s X’s revenue sharing platform all about?

Elon Musk said that the first block payment, an impressive sum amounting to $5 million had now been paid out. Furthermore, Musk clarified that the revenue payout to content creators would be cumulative, stretching back to his initial promise made back in February.

With these promising strides towards empowering content creators, X aspires to foster a thriving community where talents can flourish and be duly rewarded for their contributions.

X announcement to launch Ads Revenue Sharing scheme

Source: X

Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X, expressed her enthusiasm for the program, stating that it represents an “absolute game changer” for the platform’s creators. The revenue-sharing program is expected to provide new and exciting opportunities for content creators to monetize their efforts and contributions on the platform.

So how does ad revenue sharing work on X?

In order to participate in X’s Ads Revenue Sharing program, users must meet specific criteria. Firstly, they need to be subscribers to Blue or Verified Organizations. Additionally, they must have garnered a minimum of 15 million impressions on all of their posts over the past three months. Moreover, eligible users must possess a following of 500 or more individuals.

To access the Monetization feature within the X app, users can find it in the side menu on iOS and Android, and in the overflow menu on the web platform. Once deemed eligible, users can sign up and configure their payment settings in this section. By clicking on the “Join and setup payouts” button, qualified users will be redirected to Stripe, where they can establish an account to receive their earnings.

Elon Musk tweeted a chart showing the company’s monthly users reach in 2023

Source: X

Once a user accumulates at least $50 in revenue, they become eligible for regular payouts. This enables content creators to receive their rightful share of the ad revenue generated from their posts in a timely and consistent manner. X’s Ads Revenue Sharing program aims to incentivize and reward creators for their contributions while fostering a vibrant and engaging platform for its users.

According to X, the goal is to ensure a straightforward and accessible process for all eligible subscribers of X Blue and Verified Organizations. As long as these users meet the specified eligibility criteria and opt to join the program, they are entitled to a share in the revenue generated. By streamlining the process, X aims to make it as simple as possible for creators to participate and benefit from the Ads Revenue Sharing initiative.

Key takeaways

  • X launches Ads Revenue Sharing, compensating eligible creators for ad revenue from replies
  • Elon Musk confirms $5 million payout and cumulative revenue sharing promise
  • X aims to empower content creators, making the process accessible and rewarding

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