WeChat accounts for nearly 30% of all Chinese mobile daily use time

Tencent’s WeChat continues to rule mobile usage times in China, and its monthly active user base is catching up to that of Facebook and WhatsApp, according to data shared during the Code technology conference.

Based on information from QuestMobile, it’s shown WeChat has a daily use time of around 900 million hours, out of the total 3.1 billion hours of smartphone use time in China. This means WeChat has a 29% share of Chinese phone users time on a daily basis. Tencent’s QQ app comes after it, but its share is minimal in comparison, and is followed by Tencent’s other mobile apps. Alibaba and Baidu’s share is even smaller.

WeChat’s daily active user base is now at 938 million, a 23% increase over 2016, and edging closer to the 1.2 billion global daily active users on the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp messaging platforms. Despite WeChat’s extensive feature list, messaging and calls — both video and voice — remain the most often used features.

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