VR games industry worth $10b in 2020, while mobile game growth slows

Andy Boxall | January 26, 2016

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The mobile game industry will continue to grow over the next five years, but slower than before, while VR games are expected to explode in popularity during the same period. The news comes from Digi-Capital’s latest research covering the games industry.

It’s estimated that mobile games will go from being worth $35b in 2016 to $48b in 2020. Mobile will still be the largest part of the industry at 42%, but Digi-Capital notes the 8% annual growth figure is lower than we’ve seen previously.

Digi-Capital research shows massive rise in VR game popularity by 2020

Digi Capital Games

Virtual reality games will go from being responsible for “hundreds of millions of dollars” in 2016 — and barely registering on the company’s 2015 comparison pie chart — to $10b in 2020, suddenly taking control of 8.6% of the market, according to Digi-Capital’s estimations.

While the U.S. is likely to stay as the largest single games country by revenue, Digi-Capital says that thanks to the diverse and popular Android app stores, and Apple’s current popularity, Asia may, “account for more than half of all mobile games revenue by the end of the decade.”

Digi-Capital’s complete Games Report 2016 is available to purchase here.

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