The ultimate guide to incrementality measurement for app retargeting

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Posted: December 13, 2021

A scientific way to measure revenue caused by advertising spend.

With IDFA traffic continuing to be above 50% of iOS inventory, app retargeting remains a strategic marketing channel for advertisers looking to increase their revenue (source). However, uncertainty within the ad tech industry has caused mobile marketers to be hesitant when starting retargeting campaigns.

Incrementality testing provides a scientific approach to measuring the performance of mobile campaigns. Rooted in econometrics, it evaluates the impact of marketing campaigns by differentiating organic traffic from paid installs.

How incrementality testing works in mobile advertising

Remerge’s latest report explains the importance of incrementality in mobile measurement and how to assess the incremental uplift of an ad. The Ghost Bids methodology, one of the many ways to measure uplift, is the most accurate and cost-effective method designed for the long-term evaluation of ad performance.

Source: Remerge

In the ultimate guide to incrementality measurement for app retargeting, Remerge delves into the different attribution methods and their problems. They also present a scientific approach to measuring the real impact of mobile marketing campaigns.

The report includes: 

  • The history of incrementality measurement in mobile advertising
  • A look into common attribution methods and their problems
  • A deep dive into different incrementality measurement methodologies
  • A guide to incremental KPIs and how to get started
  • A case study with a top 50 grossing app developer

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