These are the best times to post on social media

Anne Freer | January 18, 2021

Mobile Advertising

Social media forms part of most apps and brands marketing toolbox these days. But knowing when the publish can be challenging.

Now, Blog2Social have shared a new infographic based on the analysis of over 60,000 social media posts that determines what the best times are for sharing your updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co.

With the average lifetime of a tweet being just 20 minutes before it gets drowned in other content, it’s important to hit the sweet spot if you want the maximum in user reaction. Most content that is shared is buried under a stream of content.

So what are the best times for social posting?

The graphic shows that on Facebook, a posting frequency of twice daily is best, but users should avoid the morning. Top days for posting were Tuesday and Thursday to Sunday.

Tweets can be scheduled a little more often (3x daily) but not after 7pm. The best days for posting are Monday to Friday, but weekends aren’t very popular.

Meanwhile, on Instagram posts should be restricted to just one per day between 11am-1pm and 7pm-9pm. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday generated the most interaction.

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