SKAN 4’s game-changing effect on mobile apps

Anne Freer | November 24, 2023

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Migrating to SKAN 4 led to a reduction in the cost per acquisition and an increase in conversion rates, according to a new report from Adjust in collaboration with TikTok, which sheds light on the impact of iOS SKAdNetwork (SKAN) campaigns for mobile marketers.

SKAN 4 reduces cost per acquisition

The reduction in acquisition cost leads to greater scalability on iOS to benefit marketers aiming to refine their optimisation strategies.

Adjust’s SKAN 4 was officially launched in October 2022, introducing features like conversion mapping, value optimisation, and enhanced privacy measures. This launch coincided with a growing emphasis on user and data privacy in the tech world. Consequently, post-ID attribution on iOS has been gaining traction, as Apple has gradually reintroduced analytics opportunities.

The new report by Adjust offers practical tactics to maximise success on iOS and provides valuable insights for mobile marketers aiming to enhance conversion rates for their apps. The study involved collaboration with TikTok and examined 37 apps in TikTok’s beta testing phase across the UK, US, and Japan. It focused on understanding how SKAN 4’s extended 35-day attribution window impacted conversions.

Source: Adjust

Conversion rates surge 220% on TikTok

The results of the study were impressive, with TikTok’s overall cost per acquisition improving by 37%, and conversion rates surging by a substantial 220%. These outcomes represent significant advantages for mobile app developers and marketers utilising SKAN 4. Additionally, these improved metrics enable more precise evaluations of campaign effectiveness.

Out of the 37 apps analysed in the beta test, TikTok confirmed that 17 were from mobile gaming clients.

Katie Madding, Chief Product Officer at Adjust, commented on the findings, saying: “Mobile app marketers are eager to refine their iOS campaign measurement and optimisation strategies with privacy-centric attribution, but there’s still hesitancy about moving to SKAN 4. With the continued industry shift toward prioritising user and data privacy, now is the time for a shift in mindset toward the possibilities of post-ID attribution on iOS. The data-backed insights detailed in our guide empower growth marketers to dig into and embrace SKAN 4’s functionality.”

Adjust’s comprehensive report delves deeper into optimising campaigns and enhancing their performance on iOS. It also offers a sneak peek into SKAN 5.

The introduction of SKAN 4 last year coincided with Android’s dominance, accounting for over 70% of ad creatives. Apple aimed to simplify iOS campaigns in response to this trend.

Key takeaways

  • Migrating to SKAN 4 lowers cost per acquisition, benefiting iOS marketers’ optimisation efforts
  • The study reveals impressive results with increased acquisition cost and soaring conversion rates
  • Adjust’s report highlights the shift towards post-ID attribution on iOS for privacy-centric campaign optimisation
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