Pandora helps advertisers monitor their foot traffic from mobile campaigns by partnering with Foursquare

Pandora is making it easier for advertisers to monitor the foot traffic from their ads following a partnership with Foursquare. Although it’s not Pandora’s first location data affiliation (the company previously worked with Placed which has just partnered with Snapchat), it appears that the audio app’s advertisers were hungry for more.
Subway and Mohegan Sun are reportedly testing whether Pandora’s ad mix can drive foot traffic.
As part of the deal, Pandora will tap into Foursquare’s Attribution service which combines data from store visits following ad campaigns with campaign lift measurements as well as demographic data.
According to Foursquare, Attribution data is based on voluntary contributions of around 2.5 million Foursquare users who are sharing their locations around the clock. That means, Foursquare gains a full picture of user store visits regardless of whether they use the app or not.
Keri Degroote, VP of Research and Analytics at Pandora says that the company is committed to helping marketers boost their “purchase funnel by vertical”.

“[We are] excited to partner directly with Foursquare for their unique first-party location data, which leverages both passive – GPS signals, Wi-Fi, cellular data, Bluetooth, etc. – and explicit check-in data, [including] direct user check-ins on Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm apps, to double-verify an actual check-in has occurred.”

According to Degroote around 30% of advertisers are now utilising location-based campaigns and 43% of them tend to be retailers.

“Since we started working with Foursquare, we have already allowed 20-plus advertisers to run a combined 1 billion impressions while measuring foot-traffic lift,” she adds.

Research by Marchex found that one of the top objectives for mobile marketing campaigns was driving in-store visits. It comes as little surprise then that location-based services are becoming more and more popular.

Attribution by Foursquare can significantly drive a lift in store visits. Indeed, in one example involving an alcoholic beverage company, Attribution helped to increase visit lift by 56%.
The company said it was currently working with over 125 partners, brands and publishers.

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