Out with influencers, in with consumers: 90% prefer real content

Anne Freer | June 8, 2023


Perhaps it was only a matter of time before we’d all get tired of the endless stream of influencers on our social apps unpacking or promoting products. Now research by SaaS platform provider EnTribe confirms that the majority of consumers aren’t interested in influencer posts and, worse, do not trust brands using them. Let’s dive in. 

Influencers are out

To understand consumer sentiment, EnTribe polled over one thousand American consumers in April 2023 to get their views on influencer content and how purchasing habits would differ if brands used consumer content instead. 

A whopping 81% of consumers said that a brand’s use of an influencer had no impact on their brand perception. In some cases, it even had a negative impact. Roughly half (51%) said they simply scrolled past these pasts. With 86% of users regularly seeing influencer posts on their social media feeds, perhaps it comes as little surprise that they’re a bit fed up. In fact, nearly a third said they hated these posts and found them untrustworthy.

Losing faith in influencers

Source: EnTribe

Just 12% have actually made a purchase of a product promoted by an influencer compared to 62% who had not.

And perhaps even more damning, 42% said they regretted their purchase.

But what’s the alternative for brands?

Consumers are in

Well, there are good news for marketers, because 90% of respondents said they would prefer for brands to share content from consumers instead. And not the ones you pay. No, actual consumers. 

86% said they would trust a brand more if it publishes user-generated content and 12% would make a purchase.

A whopping 90% of respondents had previously made a purchase after a friend or family recommended a brand. 

Greater trust in UGC

Source: EnTribe

And reassuringly, 82% would be inclined to make a purchase from user-generated content. 

The findings underscore an increasingly negative attitude consumers hold toward social media influencers. As a consequence, brands are reducing their reliance on mega-influencers and opting for user-generated content instead. 

Key takeaways

  • 81% of consumers are unaffected by influencers
  • 90% prefer brands sharing consumer content
  • 90% made purchases based on recommendations

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