Holidaymakers prefer social media compared to apps for their travel research

Anne Freier | November 5, 2019

App Business

Almost a third (29%) of holidaymakers with a household income of over £75,000 are using social media to plan and research their trips. But just 11% of respondents have previously used a travel app for bookings.

That’s according to the latest Digital holidaymaker trend report published by real-time personalisation platform Fresh Relevance.

Around 36% of holidaymakers would book a trip via Facebook, and Gen Z is particularly happy to use Instagram (52%). Affluent travelers are more likely to use Pinterest (43%) for bookings.

Fresh Relevance also found that 43% of holidaymakers spent more time planning their holidays than traveling itself.

Younger generations are particularly prone to investing considerable time into their trip planning with 60% of Gen Z and 58% of Millennials admitting that their trips are shorter in comparison.

Based on the answers of 2,000 UK holidaymakers, 42% use review sites such as TripAdvisor whilst 12% opt for more old school methods like travel agents.

Mike Austin, CEO and Co-Founder of Fresh Relevance explains that understanding consumer preferences when it comes to trip booking helps marketers and travel brands to update their services.

“With vast amounts of data and new technologies now available to capture the interest and attention of holidaymakers, there is no longer a place for a one-size-fits-all approach. We found that leisure travelers are comfortable using new technologies to research and book their next vacation. Whether or not travel providers have the financial means to invest in new channels, there are proven ways to harness holidaymakers’ favourite sources of inspiration in your marketing.”

“Including social proof tactics, such as user generated photos, ratings and reviews, in email and website marketing in real-time, helps customers filter through the noise and guides them at each stage of the customer journey. Retargeting with triggered emails or ads on social networks can re-engage customers who already browsed your holiday deals,” Austin added.

The study also found that one in three customers would be comfortable using Netflix or another streaming platform to research deals whilst 24% are happy to use chatbots or virtual reality assistance.

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