Mobile video represents 53% of video impressions says PubMatic research

Mobile video advertising is among the fastest drivers of digital video ad revenue, according to new data published by PubMatic. Indeed mobile video is considered the fastest growing video type as an increasing number of mobile users are using their devices to stream video content.

More than half of video impressions are now monetised via mobile devices with mobile video now representing 53% of video impressions on PubMatic’s platform.

The Q3 2018 Quarterly Mobile Index also revealed that apps were a dominant force in boosting the growth of mobile video impression volume, up 109% during the third quarter. In-app video volume nearly quadrupled year-on-year to 70% of mobile video impressions. However, ad spending has yet to catch up with user behaviour. Indeed, 84% of US adults are now watching mobile video through apps.

The report also revealed that mobile header bidding continued to grow for mobile volumes, doubling between Q3 2017 to Q3 2018. PubMatic measured mobile header bidding to be dominant in the APAC region where a 135% year-on-year growth was noted. Meanwhile, EMEA growth was lower due to marketers shifting budgets to private marketplaces as a consequence of the GDPR coming into effect.

Although it’s still early days for in-app header bidding, adoption is rising steadily with apps now representing 14% of monetised mobile header bidding impressions. However, in-app header bidding suffers from a major lack in understanding before it will reach more widespread application.

PubMatic noted that the back-to-school season was a trend boosting mobile advertising volume across retail verticals. Retail publishers noted a 142% increase year-on-year in monetised mobile impression volume worldwide during Q3 20118.

Shoppers are also becoming more attuned to use their mobile devices instead of just their desktops alone (53% on desktop versus 46% using also mobile devices. Mobile phones are being predominantly used to collect coupons (57%), check products on retail sites (56%) and get prices (53%).

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