Mobile video is driving brand awareness up to 125% for brands

Anne Freier | September 7, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Mobile video has offered some unique opportunities and challenges since it first arrived on the scene. Its compound annual growth rate of consumption increased 40% since 2011, making it an important part of a mobile advertising campaign.
Now, Videology, the software provider for TV and video ads has released a new white paper that highlights current trends and campaign figures measured by Nielsen’s Digital Brand Effect.
The Mobile Impact: Driving Brand Metrics through Mobile Video Advertising follows the release of the company’s Knowledge Lab, an educational series that sets out to define and explain complicated subjects.
The research highlights that a CPG advertiser’s campaign generated a 125% lift in message awareness by using a mobile-focused approach for video campaigns..
Brand awareness lift food brand
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Indeed, a major streaming video content provider was able to lift awareness by 122% targeting mobile users based on TV viewing habits. The mobile campaign was twice as effective as desktop when it came to building a brand.
Streaming video content provider lift
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Another food brand’s mobile campaign resulted in an awareness lift of 47% by targeting audiences known to consume video on mobile devices more frequently.
Food brand lift
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The findings highlight that mobile video not only has proven successful but also experienced some solid growth with related increase in ad spending across the medium. In addition, its Lab defines strategies for targeting and placements and lines out challenges related to IAB standards for mobile inventory.
Kevin Haley, Chief Scientist and Product Officer, Videology, says:
kevin haley

“For the foreseeable future, mobile video, both on phones and tablets, will continue to be one of the largest growth areas for video consumption. The personal nature of these devices allows for highly engaging advertising opportunities. Additionally, the large amount of available mobile data presents the opportunity for precision targeting of a strategic audience. All that said, it’s still important that mobile be part of a holistic plan. Brand planners and media owners should not separate mobile from their overall video strategy.”

Indeed, advertisers are in support of such device-agnostic video strategies. Four out of five campaigns executed across the Videology platform ran across multiple devices, increasing more than 50% from the year before. Of all campaigns run, 86% utilized mobile video to some degree. Haley adds:

“As video specialists, we work hard to understand the nuances of each screen where video is shown. Yet, with screen-agnostic planning, our end goal of campaigns if focused on results, not devices. The power of the Videology Platform is in finding the right users to meet your real marketing objectives, regardless of screen.”

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