Mobile programmatic spending is on the rise

Millennial Media, the independent mobile advertising network, has just released a new infographic which proves that marketers are investing more heavily in programmatic ads. Based on a survey in Q1 2015 and data from Millennial Media’s platform, the network finds that almost all advertisers (91%) have increased their programmatic spend, with spending above $15m having grown three times the year over.
91% of buyers increased programmatic spending
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Most of the activity is happening in the US, with 63% of buyers located in the Americas, followed by 26% EMEA and 11% Asia-Pacific. Campaigns are also targeted mostly for US viewers at 78%, followed by EMEA (39%).
The majority of programmatic activity happens in the US
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The native ad category experienced some strong growth (40%) over the past 12 months, driven by a less disruptive advertising experience for end users and higher click-through rates. Rich media and video formats also experienced growth. In fact, 74% of advertisers are investing in mobile programmatic video this year, compared to 51% in 2014. Millennial Media found that programmatic video ad requests grew 1.5% per day during Q1 2015.
Native and video ads are in high demand
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Because mobile ads are generally more visible and the stakes are higher, buyers are looking for quality ads and greater transparency. They have begun to use private marketplaces more frequently. In fact, buying from such platforms doubled overall.
Programmatic buyers are turning towards private marketplaces
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As part of The Drum’s Digital Trading Awards ManifestoPaul Gubbins, Head of programmatic, EMEA, Millennial Media, said:

“The evolution of mobile programmatic in particular over the past 12 months has been a significant development for the digital trading industry, but if we are to continue a positive trajectory there are three specific areas of focus we need to address. The first is education, on both the buy and sell sides. (…) Secondly the issue of cross-screen, namely what does it actually mean and how is it being deployed? (…) Finally, and one of the key areas for mobile programmatic in 2015, we have mobile private marketplaces (PMPs). Here we need to ensure that brands understand the benefit in mobile, ensuring that Deal ID is being adopted and bidders upgrade to Open RTB 2.2 and 2.3 quick enough to offer deals and native to their licensed partners.”

You can find more information and view the full infographic here.

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