Klear rolls out new influencer marketing campaign management solution

Anne Freier

In Influencer. March 22, 2019

Klear, which provides influencer marketing technology, just launched Klear Connect, a new influencer marketing campaign management solution.

Connect wants to simplify the process of communicating between brands and influencers. It does so by automating an otherwise manual process of the influencer programme lifecycle with a chat service and content collaboration.

Users can also track and verify payments, send bulk messages and sign contracts.

“Managing the day-to-day activities of an influencer campaign can be challenging for marketers, especially when brands have multiple campaigns running simultaneously,” explained Eytan Avigdor, CEO and Co-Founder of Klear. “We created Klear Connect to streamline the process so that marketers have all their campaign needs in one place, allowing anyone to manage the entire process from start to finish directly from the Klear platform.”

Connect can be used as a template so that both brands and influencers understand what the brand’s goals and guidelines for a specific campaign are. This makes it easier to ensure that both parties are aware of specific goals.

Connect also includes an integrated chat service with notifications sent in real time. In addition, brands can invited influencers to verify their Instagram account and track Instagram Stories.