Instagram copies TikTok with Story Camera feature

Anne Freier | September 13, 2019

App Business

Instagram appears to have begun working on a new camera mode called “Clips” which lets users record video segments into a Story.

The new addition was discovered by Jan Manchung Wong, a technology blogger and app enthusiast.

She says she spotted the new feature by doing some “reverse engineering’.

It’s obvious that Clips takes a chunk out of TikTok’s playbook. Much like the popular video app, users will be able to add music to their Clips.

They can also adjust the speed of playback of each video clip.

It’s not the first time that Instagram has ripped off features from other companies.

The photo app has previously copied Snapchat’s Story feature. Parent Facebook also added Stories back in 2017.

The full extent of the Clips features Instagram will be adding is not yet well known.

“Experimental features like this could come and go. The time it takes to develop and release one varies. Though it would be interesting to see whether Instagram will manage to keep users from switching to TikTok by being inspired by their features,” Wong wrote in a blog post.

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