Instagram and Facebook now let users hide like counts

Anne Freer | May 28, 2021

App Business

Instagram and parent Facebook have launched an option for users to hide public like counts.

Form now on, users will be able to hide the number of likes they received on posts in their feeds.

The option can be toggled on and off even once a photo has already been posted.

For the social media groups it’s a way to test whether people will use their platforms in a slightly different manner – one that isn’t so focus on purely collecting like counts but focuses on the quality of the content.

For a long time, like counts were used as a measure of the popularity of a post.

Facebook has also been working on ways to help people filter offensive content from the platform and gain better control over their news feeds.

Meanwhile, Instagram is working with experts to help boost the experience on its platform. It also been investing in research to improve its policies and products.

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