What makes WebEye’s Hybrid Bidding a superior solution for advertisers and publishers?

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Posted: November 30, 2018

Header bidding, relatively new to the mobile advertising industry, has proven its potential as an effective programmatic advertising technique. In short, header bidding is a unified auction conducted at the publisher side. It challenges the waterfall model by allowing multiple advertisers to view each impression simultaneously and cherry-pick at their priority. Having realized Header bidding’s benefits to both advertisers and publishers, digital marketing companies, such as WebEye, are developing and propelling this revolutionary technology.

WebEye’s Hybrid Bidding is a reimagination of header bidding for the mobile APP environment. It eliminates the inefficiencies and discrepancies of the traditional process and specifically, is designed to fit every APP/game. WebEye’s SDK/API integration requires minimal development resources; and immediately after setup, Hybrid Bidding guarantees advertisers fairness and publishers the most profitable ads. Sit tight, let’s see what real changes Hybrid Bidding brings!

First, for advertisers, Hybrid Bidding grants them access to inventory that was previously only available via direct deals with publishers. Increased visibility helps advertisers gain more precise market insights and better forecasting capabilities. So, reaching the maximum amount of global audience with well-devised campaigns? No longer untouchable!

Another appealing advantage is that Hybrid Bidding enables advertisers to adopt flexible price strategies. WebEye’s programmatic platform segments and targets users according to 20+ parameters and displays ads to individuals across sites and screens. Thus, advertisers can easily choose inventory that fit their specific requirements, saving efforts and money.

Regarding publishers, the most tangible benefits are boosted fill rates and high eCPM.

Strong competition among demand sources, as well as improved perceived values of impressions, drives up publishers’ revenue and fills all types of inventory. Even better, Hybrid Bidding gets publishers first-price bids — not $0.01 above the second highest bid!

Furthermore, because Hybrid Bidding moves the execution of bidding to WebEye’s stable, powerful servers, pages are lighter. Contents and ads load faster which improves user experience and frees publishers from complaints. Meanwhile, Hybrid Bidding shortens the response time between advertisers and publishers, reducing latency significantly.

Of course, Hybrid Bidding has more to offer. And WebEye, as a leading programmatic marketing solution provider, developed other cutting-edge technologies.

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