How Fantasy Sports Platforms Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

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Posted: September 17, 2018

In this highly-competitive environment of today, brands face some tough time to make their presence felt. The technology trends change every second and if the brands fail to stay updated with modern tools and new technology then it certainly proves lethal for them and there are chances of them being lost in the crowd. Hence, it is necessity is to push the basic & traditional behind and match steps with new technology, which is very much about digital revolution. 

Companies are already coming up with innovative and exciting marketing ideas that click with the audience and offer extraordinary experience to the customers. Different brands use different promotional strategies to enhance user’s association with the brand, however the most established one is offering an experience where customers are not at receiving end, instead they actively take part in the brand evolution. Hence, marketers nowadays are more focused in offering ‘consumer experience’ as the main goal than to just focus on ‘brand awareness’. 

One unique and most popular way to do so is entice your audience through gamification, after all aren’t all of us love playing games. Hence, Fantasy sports have all your answers as it is the apt mean to cater to the ever-growing requirement to gamify things. 

How significant is Gamification?

Gamification is the best way to motivate your target audience, be it your customers or your employees, to the higher levels of engagement. We are all hard-wired in a way that we find pleasure in games & have this natural tendency that we will interact way deeply in the kind of activities that involves us in the gaming environment. 

Hence, it wasn’t surprising to find that gamification is the big game-changer in advertising. We all expect out of an amazing advertisement, to trigger emotions leading to action, and gamified environments like fantasy sports platforms do this brilliantly as here the users engage with the fantasy sports mobile apps voluntarily. 

Thus, brands have moved forth from the sports sponsorships and rather went on to embrace gamification to engage audience. No wonder, today mobile gaming industry is projected to be $50 billion.

Source: Statista

Understanding how brands are connecting with sports fans

To use gamification as a way to advertise, brands wait for the sporting events, as they consider them as the most amazing way for promotions& branding. This is why, brands heavily rely on their visibility when a sporting event is going on, as this offers opportunity to market on a global level and expect increased demand for products (which is ultimately going to result in higher sales).

Now on cash on to this craze of audience watching live matches, first you need to understanding in depth how in all occurs, and what efforts brands have to make to ensure audience watches live matches. So, let’s go in depth, understanding the very basics.

The craze for Live matches

To beat the monotony of everyday life, a sports fan always feels refreshed while watching a Live match, which is filled with new action, leads to surprising result, and a lot of adrenaline.  

Do you know 70% of sports enthusiasts tend to buy products of a specific brand being influences by its advertising during sport events?

So why often sports fans skip live-match viewing?

Despite being so passionate about sports, often people compromise this desire for live match viewing, owing to the most typical reasons, personal & professional commitments. And this kind of constant compromises turns passionate sport fans into disengaged sports fans.

How to deal with this scenario?

Just as we set reminders in order to stay alert about a certain task, same way, there is a requirement of creating a task that will make viewing live matches a priority for these sports enthusiasts. And Fantasy sports mobile apps are the best way to ensure the same. With these apps, users get to choose players to make their own team, and it allow these people to make & submit teams in a daily note thus stimulating great sense of urgency among the sports lovers. 

Hence, owing a fantasy sports app platform is engage the audience with your mobile app as these apps evoke the sense of urgency for sports events among sports lovers. In fact, by offering fantasy sports platform, there are chances for even small businesses and brands to attain greater return on their marketing investment. 

With brands that offer personalized experience, customers can connect better.

One good example of the same is Samsung’s ‘Samsung Studios’, where the campaign ticked off brand & consumers connect just instantly. As a part of its sponsorship with the Olympics in the year 2012, Samsung had organized brand experience for its potential customers at several destinations demonstrating Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note. Here it enabled visitors to play with Samsung’s Olympic Games apps and they also had chances to win lucrative deals. 

Resultantly, nine of ten visitors claimed that they will consider Samsung phones owing to the interaction it offered. This way, Samsung excelled to gauge demographics by offering personalized experience to users. Hence, quite clear that the more people will engage with products, the more likely they are to make purchase from that brand.

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Fantasy Sports: The Apt medium for promotion & branding

Understanding the nature of their target audience is crucial to develop better connect with the potential customers. Today, the brands need to target Gen X, millennials & the ones born later, as they tend to be the major element of their audience. Now for any of the private brand, Gen X & millennials tend to be 20% & 45% of the buyers respectively. 72% of these millennials love fantasy football. In fact, around 4 of 10 footballs fans buy products from sports brands, which cater to this fact that there is huge scope of product demand & sales.

Impactful marketing ensures higher success

If you remember, when super bowl-NFL finals took place, Volvo marketed itself in a clever, appealing & attention-seeking way, asking stadium attendees to tweet its hashtag #VolvoContest & tag their friends when they see any car brands ad on big stadium screen. This way, Volvo succeeded in increasing brand awareness it lacked earlier in US market. Certainly a brilliant move without having to spend a lot directly on advertising during Super Bowl. This kind of promotional tactics & strategies help brands in establishing helpful, engaging & remarkable association with brand. 

Volvo found this amazing marketing alternative & performed extraordinarily well. Fantasy Sports can be such marketing alternative for the brands, as they can benefit immensely from this self-promotional attribute of the fantasy sports. This will engage customers as well as promote your brand simultaneously.

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Many of digital biggies have already stepped into the arena of fantasy sports, successfully capturing the gamers’ attention. Sooner the universal prominence of fantasy sports will be exploding big. In fact, even now, the world of fantasy sports enjoys whopping 56.8 million of active players, alone in US & Canada. Thus, it is evident that the demographics of sports gamers is rising enormously. No wonder Fantasy sports have turned out to be a phenomenal success and have the potential to capture the attention of your target audience in just single swoop.

Some facts & figures

With internet constantly expanding, even users are increasing their time devoted to it. Thus, it can be called a self-expanding universe. Presently, the personal time devoted by the millennials to mobile screens is 33%, compared to 41% of people who are 35+. Now, from this 33%, millions are said to spend most of their time (like 20% in total) online, as compared to 9% spent by the people who are 35+. Thus, it’s pretty much event that in order to reach younger audience, you need to go the internet way, and certainly not television. 

Hence, Fantasy Sports does offer a better way to pitch the ads to this set of users and also be a part of their lives. This certainly makes a lot more sense to advertising world which constant struggle to justify the heavy investment of the clients. Internet user-base is smart & evolved and is willing to spend their money on instant gratification (something this generation is most known for). Advertisers across the world can be ensured that when they pitch advertisements to this user-base, they will certain get their return on investment, as this user-base is quite affluent and takes financial decision instantly.


By now it must be quite clear to you that the opportunities offered by Fantasy mobile apps in the arena of marketing are immense. These fantasy sports platforms work phenomenal as they have insightful user data and it works very much like influencer marketing & celebrity endorsement, both together at same time. Thus if you plan to cash into the prominence of fantasy sports, then it’s time to come up to get all set up. At Octal IT Solution, we have huge experience in Fantasy Sports App Development, so that can benefit you immensely. You can reach them at the following email.

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