GoWide Head of Business Development, Dmitry Bogdanov on Mobile App Promotion

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Posted: January 7, 2015

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GoWide is a mobile ad platform that connects mobile consumers via partnerships with mobile publishers and app owners. Dmitry Bogdanov is the Head of Business Development. Before GoWide, Dmitry worked for Shape AG, a development company famous for IM+ messenger, and as a SEO Analyst at Mobiscope Cloud, a leading European IT company. We caught up with Dmitry to find out more about GoWide, hear his views on the world of mobile app promotion and discuss the future of the industry.

What is GoWide?
This is simple – we help bring an app to those looking for it. GoWide is a subsidiary of ComboApp marketing agency.
What do you offer at GoWide?
GoWide offers app distribution and promotion services based on the CPI (Cost per Install) model. We have a growing network of direct publishers and affiliates who help us drive big traffic volumes. In just 6 months, after GoWide had been established in late 2013, we built and developed partnership relations with more than 150 affiliates and around 25 app owners. As of today, we have doubled these numbers. We also work with advertisers and ad networks on a reciprocal basis to serve mobile ads on any platform and in any country around the world..
Why do you think MobyAffiliates users can be interested in your service?
We think that among MobyAffiliates website readers, there are many company owners who need high quality traffic with flexible targeting options to promote their app portfolio. Connecting apps with their targeted users is what we’re good at and so we’d love to assist any MobyAffiliates readers with their app marketing.
What app category is the most popular right now? (Games, Health, Social…)
People always love playing exciting games and enjoying various entertainment apps on their mobile devices. This is why the “Games” category takes the lead and remains the #1 category by downloads among all stores. Gaming apps generate more than 50% of all downloads on the App Store as well as the Google Play store. Apps from “Entertainment”, “Book”, “LifeStyle” and “Social” round out the top 5 categories. We observe almost the same rankings among app distribution campaigns as we have in our portfolio. GoWide manages CPI promotion of numerous games for Android and iOS (incl. iPad and iPhone) holding around 55% of all active campaigns in the list. Along with gaming apps, we promote hobby and entertainment apps which bring high revenues. It is a non-incentive and incentive media we use to hit campaign goals and bring apps to top positions, respectively.
What type of platform or device do you think will be the next big thing in the mobile world?
There is no doubt that wearable tech is one of the top-notch technologies that is intensely developing in today’s mobile world. Wearable gadgets have already created a huge market with a big potential to grow for the next few years. Besides the two giants who developed the AppleWatch and Google Glass, other players like Sony, HP and Samsung are entering the market to show the world new small gadgets, which are extremely useful or simply cute. This tendency creates a solid foundation for new app development, which in turn paves the way for mobile promotion and distribution services.
Thanks go to Dmitry for the interesting insights. For more, head over to the GoWide website here.

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