Gamelight set to reach $1 billion annual revenue in 2024

Partner Post - Gamelight Revolutionary AI Platform for Mobile Games Marketing

Posted: January 19, 2024

Mobile marketing platform Gamelight is set to achieve an impressive $1 billion annual revenue in 2024, just one year after its launch. The secret to Gamelight’s success lies in the award-winning AI algorithm, which revolutionizes the way mobile marketing campaigns are being executed.

Gamelight’s co-founder Günay Aliyeva shares: “How did we achieve this? We built a hyper-effective AI algorithm that reaches partner goals without any human intervention, skipping months of manual optimizations. This helps game publishers achieve x4-5 times higher ARPU and scale massively within the shortest time.”

The platform utilizes data points for actionable insights and is optimized to:

  • Utilize ML and execute precise AI targeting
  • Enhance user engagement and retention
  • Drive high long-term ROAS and ARPU

By leveraging its extensive user base across 10 self-published game recommendation platforms, the platform consistently manages to deliver high-quality users to top-grossing mobile game publishers worldwide. Within its first year, Gamelight had already become one of the largest game recommendation platforms in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

Gamelight is proud to have hit multiple impressive milestones:

  • Covering 12% of ad spend of all Match-3 games globally according to the Singular market overview
  • Being ranked as the TOP 3 advertising source on the AppsFlyers Index across multiple game verticals and regions
  • And being awarded the “Best AI Tool” and “Best Mobile Marketing Platform” titles from multiple organizations

Co-founder Florian Elmies shares what more is coming for Gamelight in 2024: “The upcoming projects that we are working on will revolutionize mobile advertising as a whole, making it more fun for users and more lucrative for advertisers. I am talking about completely new things that have not been seen before. More on that in the upcoming months!”

To sum up, Gamelight is set to reach $1 billion in revenues in 2024, only one year after its debut, because of the cutting-edge AI algorithm. The platform has quickly made a dent in the mobile marketing landscape, providing game developers with a unique strategy to engage users and drive revenue growth. In 2024, Gamelight promises to keep delivering exceptional results, surpassing industry standards and reshaping conventional norms in mobile marketing.

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