Facebook rolls out rewarded video ads for app developer and boosts Messenger bot interactions for businesses

Facebook has just added rewarded video advertisements for app developers to its Audience Network.
That means, players can now opt to view a short advert in return for in-app gaming rewards. Usually, these ads tend to be short trailers for other mobile games.
In-app rewarded ads have seen a bit of a surge over the last few years as they’ve proven successful with users preferring to have a choice. 78% of users asked in a recent survey by Unity Research said they were willing to engage with rewarded video ads.
Jarkko Rajamaki, VP of Advertising at Rovio, explained:

“Facebook Audience Network’s diverse advertiser pool and precise targeting capabilities are unique differentiators. We have leveraged these aspects to access quality demand with higher CPMs when monetising through rewarded video.”

In addition, Facebook is now supporting Unity and Cocos2DX to ensure a smooth render of rewarded video ads.
But that’s not all. Facebook also added some important functionalities for brands and businesses this week. It just rolled out a new Discover section to boost Messenger interactions. Discover now lets Facebook users browse and find bots and businesses in Messenger.
When a user taps on the Discover icon (in the lower right hand corner of the Messenger screen), they can browse by category, recently visited businesses or featured ones. It now combines functionalities such as reading the latest news article or booking a trip.
For now, the feature is only available in the US. Although any developer can submit a bot to Discover, since the product is still in its infant phase, Facebook is selective and chooses bots and businesses that fit its experiences across the platform.

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